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Identity theft prevention notes - Identity theft has...

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Identity theft has reached epidemic proportions—it’s now the fastest-growing crime in America Thieves install their own small device on an ATM, right over the slot where you insert your card. Once you put your card in, the device, called a skimmer, reads and records all the account information stored on the magnetic strip, and even retrieves your PIN as you punch it into the keypad. Check ATMs If you see suspicious attachments that don’t appear to be part of the original machine, don’t use the ATM. Also beware of unusual signs that tell you to input your PIN multiple times. Another clue that something’s wrong is when a helpful bystander or "bank employee" (thief) offers to assist you with a malfunctioning machine or other problem. Cancel the transaction and walk away. Pay with cash or a credit card at restaurants If your card gets skimmed, the thieves will not be dipping into your bank account (as they could with a debit card). Your credit card is protected against fraud by federal law. If it gets skimmed, dispute the charges and report any other incidents to your credit card company Two out of three personal computers in the U.S. are infected with spyware that raises your risk of identity theft. Visit to get a free Ad-Aware SE Personal download. Run it often so it catches and quarantines anything suspicious. Get a second e-mail account that you use only for online shopping, chatting and surfing the Internet. This will keep spam out of your primary e-mail. Consider switching your online browser from Internet Explorer (the most popular and most often attacked) to one like Firefox ( or Opera ( Never respond to an unsolicited message, whether by e-mail, regular mail or phone. If you think it may be legitimate, send a new e-mail directly to the company or bank to verify it, or call customer service. Get a locked mailbox
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Identity theft prevention notes - Identity theft has...

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