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PSY 100 essay questions

PSY 100 essay questions - sounds with your fingers on the...

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Abby Foster PSY 100 Essay Questions 8. a) Positive Reinforcement  is the introduction of a stimulus (reward) to increase the likelihood that the  behavior will re-occur. Negative Reinforcement  is the removal of a stimulus to increase the likelihood that the behavior will re- occur.  Positive Punishment  is the introduction of a stimulus to decrease the likelihood that the behavior will  continue. Negative Punishment  is the removal of a stimulus to decrease the likelihood that the behavior will  continue. b) Real Life Examples: Positive Reinforcement :  This happens almost every time in chemistry class so far this semester.  My  professor will ask a question and if you answer or volunteer he gives out pieces of chocolate or bonus  points to reinforce people speaking up in class. Negative Reinforcement : This has happened in our psychology class when you, the professor, made some 
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Unformatted text preview: sounds with your fingers on the podium and only stopped when people said stop, but then started again and waited until people yelled stop, and then you finally stopped completely. Positive Punishment : This can be seen in family households when a child does something bad and a parent decides to spank them, which is an unpleasant stimulus to the child, and this will hopefully, for the parents’ sake, make the child’s action decrease. Negative Punishment : This can occur when a very young child throws their food during a meal. The parent will take the food away each time the child throws it instead of eating it to get the child to stop the behavior of throwing. Eventually the child will learn that when they throw the food, they get it taken away....
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