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Guevara Marivel Guevara 1 Prof. E. Barvosa Chicana/o Studies 1C 28 February 2008 College and Baggy Pants, Music and Bustiers Patriarchy, as a major tool for Chicana oppression, has dominated Chicana’s lives in numerous ways ranging from sexuality to their particular future aspirations. In the essay “Becoming La Mujer and film Selena , the protagonists are forced to obey the “law of the father” which outlines what, according to them, a “good” girl should be like. Fear of honor jeopardy and daughter jealousy paranoia drives these fathers to incarcerate their daughters in a frame they device in order to keep the social standard. Both Marisa Navarro and Selena suffer this patriarchy but try to negotiate and resist it by asserting their Chicana agency. Their resistance becomes an example of how Chicanas can overcome the traditional imposition of the “law of the father.” Selena and Marisa experienced patriarchy in different ways, mostly having to do with their sexuality or gender. The way they dressed was a key element of their father’s desire to control them. Selena, for example, liked to be trendy with fashion and the time she decided to wear something more “in,” Abraham, who doesn’t live up to the good his name signifies, sees in disbelief when his Selena takes her jacket off in the middle of a performance and displays a glittery bustier. He exclaims, “What is she wearing? She’s practically got nothing on. She’s in a bra….She can’t be wearing things like that. There are men out here” ( Selena ). He’s outraged and can’t bear that men can be attracted to his daughter, or the fact that she‘s “purposely” getting their attention with what she‘s wearing. Her mother, Marcela, replies, “I think she looks cute” ( Selena ). This indicates that she supports her daughter, but later when the conflict with Chris arises, she in a way backs down on this defensive posture. Similarly, Marisa’s father expected her sister and her to fit what the general idea of women was. He wanted them to “be skinny, have long hair and wear clothes that showed our womanliness.
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Yet, we had to carry this Guevara 2 off in a way that let men know we were unavailable for sex” (Navarro 40). This paradox leaves Marisa in a confused trance, not knowing how to be this pure woman without having the male attention. Impositions like these illustrate an aspect of the desire to control Selena and Marisa and keep them from “indecent” behavior. Another major part of the father’s control which relates to the dress issue is Selena’s and Marisa’s sexuality. When Abraham found out her and Chris, the guitarist from Los Dinos, was seeing each other, he was furious because the control he thought he had was dissipating in front of his eyes. He explodes, yelling that he won’t have that happen, and Chris leaves. Selena is forced to assert her
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selena & marisa_final - Guevara Marivel Prof E Barvosa...

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