American Studies 201 (November 27 2006)

American Studies 201 (November 27 2006) - From B Movie to...

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November 27, 2006 From B Movie to Blockbuster -Post war provided vastly different environment for product distribution and reception of pop culture Baby Boom -Changed demographic, economic and residential pattern realities ->some of it was evident immediately and others took a while to see -American families had children in much greater numbers following a reunition post war -This was also accompanied by period of prosperity that characterized this time period ->obviously that doesn’t touch everyone, there were still poor people but the middle class aspiration could still be satisfied ->ability to own their own homes and a new tendency to move to suburbs -single family home construction and surbanization -By 1950 1 million new single family homes -more people are able to purchase these ->federal government began funding federal highway -permitted people to live in suburbs and work in city -With suburbs came “Suburban Culture” -Many of these families were young with young kids and tended to stay home ->TV -financially easy and convenient -Suburbanization and TV posed significant threats to movie industry Movies -In the 1920’s people went to the movies 2/3 per week -Motion picture industry was also under attack by the 1948 Supreme Court decision ->declared that the 6 major studios were monopolies and in violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act ->ordered the 6 studios to get rid of ownership over movie theaters and to
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  • Fall '06
  • Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Hayes Code, paramount owned chain, new single family, Blockbuster -Post war

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American Studies 201 (November 27 2006) - From B Movie to...

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