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Houses of the Prophet - Outline - 961-66 Second Enlargement...

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ARCH 210 February 15, 2006 Houses of the Prophet , then to Resources, then to Course Info, then to Architecture Course Websites logon arch210minor password gregory100 Muhammad (570 CE Mecca – 632 CE Medina) 610 Muhammad’s revelation 622 Journey (hijra) to Medina Ka’ba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia Converted by Muhammad into a mosque, 630 (rebuilt and enlarged many times) Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, 691 Great Mosque, Cordoba, Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) 784-86 Mosque of Abd al-Rahman I 833-48 First enlargement by Abd al-Rahman II
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Unformatted text preview: 961-66 Second Enlargement by Al-Hakam II 987-90 Third Enlargement by Al Mansur 1236 Reconquest of Cordoba; Great Mosque converted to a church 1453 Ottoman conquest of Istanbul by Mehmet II Sleymaniye Camii (Mosque), Istanbul, Turkey, 1550-1557 Sultan Sleyman (reigned 1520-66) Sinan, chief court architect (1497-1588) Hajj (pilgrimage) Quran (Koran) Aniconic Muezzin Minaret Qibla wall with mirab niche in the direction of Mecca Imam Minbar (pulpit used to preach) madrasa...
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