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Ayana Walker Sec. 36 Quiz 6 Animalia I. Phylum Arthropoda- chitin exoskeleton covering segmented bodies with paired, jointed appendages; many insect groups have wings A. Subphylum Chelicerata (ex. Spiders and Scorpions) a) feeding structures called chelicerae (Anterior segment) b) 2 nd pair of appendages are pedipalps i. capturing prey ii. sensing environment iii. copulating c) 2 body regions i. ii. Abdomen- most posterior body region d) lack antennae - Class Merostomata ( Horseshoe Crabs) Ex. Limulus Carapace: horse shaped coving the cephalothorax Chilaria: pair of degenerated legs posterior to walking legs Book gills: modified appendage (abdominal segment) aa. gas exchange occurs - Class Archinida ( scorpions, ticks, mites, daddylong legs) Chelicerae modified as fangs to pierce prey 4 pairs of walking legs aa. Scorpions: lack fused segments; secretive carnivores; venom neurotoxic; most tings are not fatal II. Phylum Echinodermata- deuterosomes with radially symmetrical adult bodies; endoskeleton of CaCO 3 (ossicles); 5 part body plant & unique water vascular system with tube feet; able to regenerate lost body parts; marine - Class Asteroidea ( Sea Stars) Mouth: @ center of lower (oral) surface Anus: @ the upper (aboral) surface Dermal gills: respiration by diffusion; pedicellarae: used to remove debris from the surface; madreporite: a sieve connecting water vascular system with environment - Class Ophiuradea ( Brittle Stars) Arms detach easily, allowing escape from predators Ambulacral grooves are closed -
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animaliaquiz6 - Ayana Walker Sec. 36 Quiz 6 Animalia I....

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