Math 1010 Syllabus SU12 Corrected


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Unformatted text preview: ulator to take a test or quiz. The calculator provided for this course is the Windows standard calculator and will be enabled for you during your quizzes and tests in the Hub. You can practice using this calculator in the Hub when you do your homework. In addition the calculator is usually installed on most Windows computers (click “Start”, then “All Programs”, then “Accessories”, then “Calculator”) When the calculator program starts, it may be showing only a four‐ function calculator. To use the scientific calculator, click on “View”, then Scientific. The calculator may look different if you have a different version of Windows. MODULE QUIZZES: 30% of grade All quizzes must be taken in a Hub. Present study notes and picture ID to a Hub staff member for approval. To pass a quiz your score must be at least 70%. You can retake the entire quiz to improve your score and only the best score is used for your grade. Prior to a fourth attempt, you will need to work an additional homework assignment that is created from the concepts you missed. This additional assignment must be completed at an 85% level. COMPREHENSIVE TESTS AND FINAL EXAM: 30% of grade You must score at least a 70% on tests and the final exam. You must retake the entire test or exam to improve your score and only the b...
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