Math 1010 Syllabus SU12 Corrected


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Unformatted text preview: semester. ATTENDANCE: 10% of grade Attend class 50 min per week and spend 100 min per week in a Hub (Lampros Hall at WSU Ogden or at WSU Davis). Contact your instructor if you must miss a class period. NOTE: If you miss scheduled classes and Hub sessions you may be in jeopardy of failing the course. Each week that you are working ahead of the schedule provided on the course calendar, you may request that your instructor waive the Hub attendance requirement for that week. Talk to your teacher during class to request a waiver of Hub attendance. MODULE HOMEWORK: 30% of grade You must complete each homework section with a 70% or better before you can move on to the next item. You may rework individual problems as necessary – only your best score is recorded. CALCULATORS You are not allowed to bring an outside calc...
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