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Religion Quiz 2

Religion Quiz 2 - Samsara-world of constant change...

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Abhidhamma-last part of Pali Canon; summarizes the teachings Anatta-doctrine of no self Arhat-practice the mass principles of each Nirvana Chakravartin-the turner of the wheel (wheel of spiritual power) Dharma-natural law Dukkha-doctrine of suffering Jiriki-triki-self power Koan-Zen Paradoxes that brings about illumination Lama-teaching Mahayana-Great Vehicle; more esoteric Buddhism Nirvana-the void essence of God Prajna-wisdom; right understanding Pure Land School-Path of love Samadhi-pure concentration; mental state
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Unformatted text preview: Samsara-world of constant change Sangha-monastic order Satori-sudden illumination Shunyata-manifestation of the void Sutra-Sermon of the Buddha Sutta Pitaka-basket of discourses (Suma) Theravada-denomination of Buddhism; exoteric Trikaya 1. Dharmakaya-Essence, Beyond-being 2. Sambhogakaya-Divine person, being 3. Nirmanakaya-human manifestation of the Logos Vajrayana-branch of Mahayana; most esoteric Vinaya Pitaka-rules of Buddha...
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