Religion Quiz 3

Religion Quiz 3 - True humanity; compassion (empathy) Old...

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Analects Chuang Tzu Confucius Chun-tzu Daxue Five Classics Five Constant Relationships Four Books Hsiao I Ching Jen (ren) Lao Tzu Li Mencius Mohists Realists/Legalists Sheng Ta’I I Tao Tao Te Ching Te Ti Tien Wen Wu Chi Wu wei Xin Xue Yang::Yin Sayings of Confucius Superior person, exemplary man; Most famous Taoist Commentator “Great Master Kung” Noble person; confusion saint Great learning; wisdom Book of: Metaphysics Poetry History Politics Religion Ruler(subject) Husband(wife) Parent(child) Elder Sibling/Friend(younger s/f) Analytics, Great Learning, Major Books of Confucius Confusion virtue of family devotion
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Unformatted text preview: True humanity; compassion (empathy) Old Man Ritual; sacrament Most important Confucius commentator Chinese School of Philosophy; taught love Strictest of Chinese Schools that advocated punishment Chinese sage; prophet God as being Ultimate reality; Logos Sacred scriptures Moral force of Confucionism Earth Heaven Arts of peace; music, poetry, literature, dance Essence of God Acting without acting; motionless movement Heart (spiritual) Learning Male principle; active masculine role::female principle; passive role...
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