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Religion Quiz 4 - Prophet speak for him Rabbi religious...

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Ain Soph- that which has no limits Biblical Judaism- religion of Isarael Conservative Judaism-practice; law; loose doctrine Covenant- 1) worship 2) righteousness Derash- rabbinic way of reading new lessons of text Diaspora- forced to leave traditional homeland Kabbalah- path of knowledge Ketuvim- final section of Tanakh Messiah- anointed one Midrash- the not exact Nevi’im- second section of Hebrew Bible Orthodox Judaism-ultra orthodox except can return before the Messiah comes Passover- Jewish festival Peshat- literal meaning of the text Pharisees- one separated for a life of purity
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Unformatted text preview: Prophet- speak for him Rabbi- religious teacher Rabbinical Juddaism Reform Judaism- relax both law and doctrine Remez- allegorical meaning of the text Sanhedrin- assembly of 23 judges Sephiroth- faces of God Sod- hidden mystical reading of the inner secrets of Torah Talmud- oral and written commentaries Tanakh- Bible used in Judaism Torah- word made book Ultra-Orthodox Judaism- return to the Holy Land after God sends Messiah Zionism- trigger for Messiah to come Zohar- bible of Kabbalah...
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