Religion Saints

Religion Saints - Swami Ramdas (Hinduism) The Voice of Ram...

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Swami Ramdas (Hinduism) The Voice of Ram (Giver of Peace) is heard after the heart’s cry Prayer to Ram from Ramdas (nothing is “mine”); became wondering monk Rebirth at Srirangam; clothes changed (Sannyasin-religious mendicant) Food (produced by Bhiksha(Alms))and water provided through Ram Path of Ram leads Ramdas on religious adventures from Mangalore(“pilgrimage”) Ram speaks out to (3 avatars(incarnations of God): Buddha, Christ and Krishna)Ramdas (das  (servant)of Ram) Adventure with Sundus who took care of Ramdas-later called “Sadhuram” Train-depart early-worked out with barber-Shivaratri festival invitation from Swami of Hubli Solitude in the cave lead to meditation Collected Rice door to door in lota(small hand water vessel) Realizing God’s presence everywhere conversation at the Ticket station with inspector Journey towards Bombay
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Religion Saints - Swami Ramdas (Hinduism) The Voice of Ram...

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