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Professor Lee R. Skabelund Writing Assignment 1 (Paper #1) In this paper, the first of two required for the course, you will critically review Parts 1 and 2 of the book A Sand County Almanac: With essays on conservation from Round River , by Aldo Leopold, published in 1966 (refer to your course outline for the complete reference). Part 1 is titled “A Sand County Almanac” and Part 2 is titled “The Quality of Landscape.” After reading all essays in Parts 1 and 2, select one representative essay. This should be an essay that moves you, speaks to you, reminds you of an experience in your life, or that you can strongly identify with. Once you have selected one of the essays from Parts 1 and 2, structure your paper based upon the following: Discuss this essay in terms of why you selected it as representative. Explain why you chose this particular essay. Show how the themes or messages of the selected essay fit the overall themes of the book’s first two parts. (This should be the largest part of the paper.) Present your profile of the author – in other words, describe your image of the writer based upon your reading of his work (in short, provide your assessment of his character, personality, and thinking process). Requirements (this must be an original paper written by you for this class!) Length: 4-5 pages, no more than one-and-a-half line spacing. NO COVERS/TITLE PAGES. Font Size: 10-12 pt. font depending on style (small but readable). Front-to-back copying (or printing on previously used paper) is encouraged. Due Date: Friday, February 22, 2008 via KSOL – or at class (group meeting) Notes on Preparation: Writing matters! Your grade will be based on content and on presentation or writing quality. As time allows, I will gladly review and comment on draft material.
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LAR-322_Leopold-Paper-assignments - LAR 322 Environmental...

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