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Spring 2008 101 EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE-1

Spring 2008 101 EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE-1 - Parental...

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Spring 2008 Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH 101.004) Kendra Ogletree Cusaac, Ph.D. EXAM 3 Study Guide (Chapters 9-12) Chapter 9 Child Development Physical Development Prenatal Development, specifically damage that can be done to embryo/fetus at stages of development Teratogens, Harmful Environmental Effects Newborn Growth, Reflexes, Developmental Milestones Social and Emotional Development Attachment (Harlow, Bowlby and Ainsworth) Temperaments Parenting Styles/Parental Relationships Chapter 10 Adolescent and Adult Development Life Span Perspective Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Stages Adolescence Puberty Secondary Sex Characteristics Impact of Puberty on Girls and Boys (early onset vs. late onset) Menstruation (Menarche, early onset vs. late onset) Kohlberg’s Moral Development (Cognitive Development) Levels and Stages Male/Female differences Gilligan’s Alternative Approach to Moral Development
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Unformatted text preview: Parental relationships Peer groups Early, Middle and Later Adulthood Physical Changes Primary and Secondary aging Male/Female changes Intellectual/cognitive changes Sexual activity/functioning Life expectancy Alzheimer’s Disease Death and Dying – Stages of Grief, Bereavement Chapter 11 Motivation and Emotion Definition of Motivation; components of motivation Extrinsic motivation Intrinsic motivation Incentive Theories of Motivation Evolutionary/Instinct Drive Theory Drive Need Motive Homeostasis Arousal Theory Variations in Body Weight Heredity Hormones Metabolic rate Eating and Obesity Dieting Eating Disorders (Anorexia/Bulimia) Definition of Emotion Basic Emotions Chapter 12 Human Sexuality and Gender (only first part of chapter) Gender Roles Terms Sex and Gender Theories of Gender Role Development...
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