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Group Research / Discussion Project LAR 322: Environmental Issues and Ethics Prof. Lee R. Skabelund General Guidelines Once your discussion group (10-12 students/group) has been formed you should discuss and agree upon a general area of environmental interest or concern. See group project topics – available at KSOL. Your group will then divide into teams of two students per team to research a specific area of your group topic. For instance, a group may decide upon the topic of “renewable energy” and two-person teams could research specific areas such as solar, wind, hydrogen fuel, etc. Where possible, your research should incorporate local or regional examples or case studies. As soon as you know your two-person team composition and specific area of research one of the group members must e-mail this information to the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). Your team will research and prepare a 15-20-minute lecture/presentation on your specific subject area. You will present this information to your discussion group. Your research must employ a minimum of five (5) reliable sources such as texts or scientific journal articles. Strive for a balance of viewpoints, arguments, and strategies involved with the issues.
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Group Research - Discussion Project - Group Research /...

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