CH 1 - Introduction to Psychology

CH 1 - Introduction to Psychology - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Psychology Chapter One Why study psychology when my major is …? Psychology will help you to understand yourself and others better. Psychology is relevant to almost every aspect of daily life. What can you do with a background in psychology or with an advanced degree? Associate’s Degree in Psychology Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Master’s Degree in Psychology Doctorate Degree in Psychology Mental Health Practitioners Psychiatrists Psychoanalysts Clinical Psychologists Counseling Psychologists Social Workers Professional Counselors Marriage and Family Therapists What do Psychologists do? Provide career counseling and assist with community projects School and community psychologists Provide services to well-adjusted people Improving performance of athletes, musicians, business and medical professionals, military personnel
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Conduct research Experimental Psychologists Making Psychology a Career 36% of psychologists provide services to people 32% teach and conduct research 22% are in management or administration 6% work in applied setting 4% conduct research What is Psychology? The scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The Scientific Method
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CH 1 - Introduction to Psychology - Introduction to...

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