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Chapter 14 Heat 3. If the temperature of 2.000 moles of an ideal gas is increased by 50 ° C, then what is the increase in the total internal energy? A. 1,247 J B. 1,980 J C. 2,250 J D. 2,750 J E. 3,030 J 5. Which of the following is not included in the internal energy of a system? A. The kinetic energy of the center of mass B. The kinetic energy of the individual particles C. The spring potential energy of the individual particles D. The chemical energy of the individual particles E. The nuclear energy of the individual particles 10. 200 Joules of heat flows into a 35 g sample. If the temperature increases by 10 ° C, then what is the heat capacity of the sample, in J/ ° C? A. 8.0 B. 12 C. 16 D. 20 E. 32 15. A 100 g glass container contains 250 g of water all at 15.0 ° C. A 100 g piece of unknown material at 100 ° C is added to the water in the container. The final temperature of the mixture is 19.0 ° C. What is the specific heat of the unknown material in J/kg •° C (specific heat of water = 4186J/kg •° C, specific heat of glass = 837.2J/kg •° C)? A.
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