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00M-244IBMIBM Optimization Sales Mastery Test v1
A. ODME Client EditionB. ODME Data ServerC. ODME Optimization ServerD. All of the above.Answer:CQUESTION:36With respect to optimization sales, what is benchmarking?C
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QUESTION:37WebSphere Application Server is included with which of the following products?B
View full document latform_doc38.html (see the title and first paragraph)QUESTION:38ODME does NOT allow the developer to use which feature of CPLEX Optimization
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Unformatted text preview:Studio? 12 A. CPLEX Callable Library B. CP Optimizer C. AMPL Modeling Tool D. Concert Technology Answer: D QUESTION: 39 Which ODME software package is not priced by Authorized users? A. ODME Developer Edition B. ODME Client Edition C. ODME Planner Edition D. ODME Optimization Server Answer: D QUESTION: 40 When should I sell IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise with ODME? A. When the client has ODME Developer Edition. B. When you require custom views for your ODME deployment solution. C. When using the ODME engine behind a Microsoft .NET client. D. When the ODME Planner is using Gantt, Maps and Diagrammer. Answer: A Reference: . el%2FODME_pubskels%2Fst artall_ODME34_Eclipse14.html (improved JViews support, see first paragraph) 13 For More exams visit https :// /vendors-exam-listKill your exam at First Attempt ....Guaranteed!