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161 anwmal ac individually atomik induced epag menoc

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Unformatted text preview: c posode kthc. nite sequence: peirh akolouj a. 163 lower bound). in nite series: apeiroseir , peirh seir . in nite set: peiro s nolo. in nite sum: peiro jroisma. countably in nite set: arijm sima metr sima peiro s nolo. in nitely: ape rwc. in nitely di erentiable function: ape rwc paragwg simh sun in nitely small: ape rwc mikr c. in nitesimal: apeirost rthsh. c, apeiroel qistoc. c metasqhmatism c. in nitesimal transformation: apeirost in in in in nitesimally: apeirost , apeiroel nitude: apeir a, to peiro. nitum: peiro, bl. ad in nitum. nity: peiro. in nity-norm: peiro-n rma. axiom of in nity: ax wma apeir in x: njema. in x notation: thtac. njetoc sumbolism c. in ation: plhjwrism in ection: kamp . in ection point: qista. c. shme o kamp c. in ow: eisro . in uence: epirro . informal: tupoc, mh tupik informatics: plhroforik . information: plhrofor a. c. information matrix: p nakac plhrofor ac. information number: plhroforiak c arijm c. information prior: plhroforiak a priori katanom . information processing: epexergas a plhrofori n. information society: koinwn a thc plhrofor ac. information systems: plhroforik sust mata, sust mata plhrofori information technology: plhroforik teqnolog a. supplementary information: sumplhrwmatik plhrofor a. infra: up , k twji. infrared: up rujroc. infrastructure: upodom . ingoing: eiserq menoc. inharmonic: anarmonik c. 164 n. inharmonicity: anarmonik inherent: eggen c. thta. inherent bias: eggen c merolhy a. inherent complexity: eggen c poluplok inherent instability: eggen c ast jeia. inherently: eggen c. inherently ambiguous: eggen thta. c diforo menoc. inhomogeneous: mh omogen inhomogeneous equation: initial: arqik c, anomoiogen c. mh omogen c ex swsh. c. initial boundary value problem: pr blhma arqik n sunoriak initial condition: arqik sunj kh. initial point: arqik shme o, arq (dian smatoc). initial phase: arqik f sh. initial state: arqik kat stash. initial value: arqik tim . initial value problem: pr blhma arqik n tim n. initiate: eis gw, apod dw arqik c tim c. injection: rriyh (bl. injective kai one-to-one). injective: erriptik na proc na (one-to-one) nesh (injection)! Ep shc, bl. inner: eswterik one-to-one. n tim n. amfimonos manth amfimon timh. Se merik bibl a, c. inner function: eswterik sun rthsh. inner problem: eswterik pr blhma. inner product: eswterik bajmwt arijmhtik gin inner product space: q roc me eswterik gin meno. input: e sodoc, eisagwg , eisag meno, risma. input statement: entol eis dou. input symbol: s mbolo eis dou. input tape: tain a eis dou. inscribable: eggr yimoc. inscribable quadrilateral: eggr yimo tetr pleuro. inscribable: eggr yimoc. inscribe: eggr fw. inscribed: eggegramm noc. inscribed angle: eggegramm nh gwn a. inscribed circle: eggegramm noc k kloc (sun. incircle). inscribed cone: eggegramm noc k noc. inscribed polygon: eggegramm no pol gwno. 165 meno (sun. scalar product. inseparable: adi qwristoc, mh diaqwr simoc. insertion: njesh. insensitive: mh eua sjhtoc. insensitivity: mh euaisjhs a....
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