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358 gwniometrik c cyclometric sunarrthsh trimmed

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Unformatted text preview: , upoprosdiorism noc. underdetermined system: upokajorism no s sthma. under ow: upoqe lish. under ow error: sf underrelaxation: upoqal underrelaxation method: underwater: upobr lma upoqe lishc. rwsh. m jodoc upoqal rwshc. qioc. upobr qia akoustik . underwater acoustics: undetermined: aprosdi ristoc, prosdiorist oc. m jodoc twn prosdiorist wn suntelest n. method of undetermined coe cients: undirected: mh kateujun undirected graph: menoc. mh kateujun meno gr fhma. undulation: kum twsh, k mansh (sun. corrugation). undulated: kumatoeid c (sun. corrugated). unequal: nisoc. unequally: nisa. unequally spaced: anisap qontec. unequally spaced arguments: anisap qonta or smata. unexplained: mh epexhghm noc. unexplained variation: up loiph metabol . uniaxial: monoaxonik uniaxial crystal: c, mon xonac. mon xonac kr stalloc. 364 ssa. uniaxial ow: monaxonik ro . unidirectional: miac kate uni cation: enopo hsh. junshc, monokateujuntik c. uni cation algorithm: alg rijmoc enopo hshc. uni cation theorem: je rhma enopo hshc. uni ed: enopoihm noc. uni er: enopoiht c. uniform: omoi morfoc, omal c. uniform acceleration: omal epit qunsh. uniform approximation: omoi morfh pros ggish. uniform circular motion: omal kuklik k nhsh. uniform continuity: omoi morfh sun qeia. uniform convergence: omoi morfh s gklish. uniform distribution: omoi morfh katanom . uniform ow: omoi morfh ro . uniform norm: omoi morfh n rma. uniform scale: omoi morfh kl maka. uniform topology: omal topolog a. quasi-uniform: oione omoi morfoc, oione omal c. uniformity: omoiomorf a, omal thta. uniformly: omoi morfa, omal . uniformly accelerated motion: omal epitaqun menh k nhsh. uniformly continuous function: omoi morfa suneq c sun rthsh. uniformly convergent sequence: omoi morfa sugkl nousa akolouj a. uniformly distributed random variable: omoi morfa katanemhm nh tuqa a metablht unify: enopoi . uni ed theory: unilateral: mon enopoihm nh jewr a. pleuroc, monomer c. mon pleuroc periorism c. unilateral constraint: unimodal: monok rufoc. monok rufh idi thta. unimodal property: unimodality: to monok rufo. unimodular: me m tro th monada. unimodular coe cient: suntelest c me m tro mon unimodular matrix: p nakac me or zousa mon da. da. uninteresting: mh endiaf rwn. uninteresting numbers: mh endiaf rontec arijmo . 365 . union: nwsh. union of sets: nwsh sun lwn. unique: monadik c, monos mantoc. manth paragontopo hsh. sh. unique factorization: monos unique solution: monadik l uniquely: monadik uniquely de ned: , kat tr po monadik , monos manta. monos manta orism noc. uniqueness: monadik thta, (to) monos manto. existence and uniqueness: parxh kai monadik uniqueness of solution: monadik thta l shc. uniqueness theorem: je rhma monadik thtac. unit: mon thta. da, monadia oc, tautotik c. unit circle: monadia oc k kloc. unit disk: monadia oc d skoc. unit dyad: monadia a du da. unit element: monadia o stoiqe o. unit error: monadia o sf lma. unit function: monadia a sun rthsh. unit interval: monadia o di sthma. unit matrix: monadia oc tautotik c p nakac. unit normal:...
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