40 n central moment kentrik rop central projection

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Unformatted text preview: oc d namh. qunsh. centro-: kentro- (pr jema). centrode: kentr dec (sun. locus). space centrode: kentr dec tou q rou. centroid: 1. k ntro b point. curvature centroid: rouc. 2. bar kentro trig nou (to shme o tom c twn diam swn tou), sun. k ntro kampul thtac (sun. centroskew: kentro-antisummetrik median center of curvature). c. centroskew matrix: kentro-antisummetrik c p nakac (p nakac A pou ikanopoie thn A=-RAR, pou tetragwnik c p nakac tou opo ou ta stoiqe a e nai 1 sth deutere ousa diag nio kai 0 allo ). centrosymmetric: kentrosummetrik c. centrosymmetric matrix: kentrosummetrik c p nakac (p nakac A pou ikanopoie thn A=RAR, pou tetragwnik c p nakac tou opo ou ta stoiqe a e nai 1 sth deutere ousa diag nio kai 0 allo ). certain: b baioc. certain event: b baio gegon c endeq almost certain: sqed n b baioc. meno. certainly: beba wc. almost certainly: sqed n beba wc. certainty: bebai thta. certi cate: pistopoihtik Cesaro, (-). . Cesaro summability: ajroisim thta kat Cesaro. chain: alus da. chain reaction: alusidwt ant drash. chain rule: kan nac thc alus dac, kan Markov chain: alus da Markov. nac paragwg sewc s njethc sun rthshc. 41 R R polygon chain: polugwnik alus da. chance: tuqa oc, t qh. chance variable: tuqa a metablht change: allag . , metabol . change of basis matrix: p nakac allag c b change of parameter: allag param trou. change of variable: allag metablht c. absolute change: ap luth metabol . rate of change: rujm c metabol c. relative change: sqetik metabol . changeover: enallag . channel: kan li, lour da. chaos: q oc. chaotic: qaotik c. chaotic behavior: qaotik sumperifor chaotic dynamics: qaotik dunamik . chaotic solution: qaotik l sh. chaotic system: qaotik s sthma. shc p nakac met bashc (transition matrix). . character: qarakt nite character: rac. peperasm noc qarakt rac. characteristic: qarakthristik c, qarakthristik , qarakthristik . characteristic class: qarakthristik kl sh. characteristic curve: qarakthristik kamp lh. characteristic determinant: qarakthristik or zousa. characteristic equation: qarakthristik ex swsh. characteristic function: qarakthristik sun rthsh, idiosun rthsh (eigenfunction). characteristic line: qarakthristik gramm . characteristic of a logarithm: qarakthristik logar jmou. characteristic polynomial: qarakthristik polu numo. characteristic surface: qarakthristik epif neia. characteristic value: qarakthristik tim , idiotim (bl. eigenvalue). characteristic vector: qarakthristik di nusma, idiodi nusma (bl. eigenvector). atypical characteristic: mh tupik qarakthristik . Euler characteristic: qarakthristik tou Euler. method of characteristics: m jodoc twn qarakthristik n. characterization: qarakthrism charge: fort o, f rtish. c. charge distribution: katanom fort ou. electric charge: hlektrik fort o. line charge: grammik fort o. negative charge: arnhtik fort o. 42 point charge: shmeiak fort o. positive charge: jetik fort o. static charge: statik fort o. chart: di gramma, q rthc. axonometric chart: axonometrik c q rthc. bar cha...
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