Kei functions sunart seic kei 132 ker functions

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Unformatted text preview: at tm mata tmhmatik orism nh sun rthsh. piecewise linear function: kat tm mata tmhmatik grammik sun rthsh. piecewise smooth function: tmhmatik le a sun rthsh. plus function: sun rthsh sun. polygamma function: sun rthsh polug mma. polyharmonic function: poluarmonik sun rthsh. polynomial function: poluwnumik sun rthsh. potential function: sun rthsh dunamiko . power function: dunamosun rthsh. primitive recursive functions: basik c anadromik c sunart seic. probability function: sun rthsh pijan thtac. probability generating function: pijanogenn tria sun rthsh. projection function: sun rthsh probol c. pulse function: sun rthsh tetragwniko palmo . pyramid function: sun rthsh puram da. quadratic function: tetragwnik sun rthsh. quadratic basis functions: tetragwnik c sunart seic b shc. randomized decision function: tuqaiopoihm nh sun rthsh ap fashc. randomized test function: tuqaiopoihm nh elegqosun rthsh, tuqaiopoihm nh sun rational function: rht sun rthsh. real function: pragmatik sun rthsh. real-valued function: pragmatik sun rthsh. recti ed function: anorjwm nh sun rthsh. recursive function: anadromik sun rthsh. regression function: sun rthsh palindr mhshc. regular function: analutik sun rthsh. restriction of a function: periorism c sun rthshc. risk function: sun rthsh kind nou, sun rthsh diakind neushc. roof function: sun rthsh st gh. saw tooth wave function: prionoeid c kumatosun rthsh. semicontinuous function: hmisuneq c sun rthsh. sign test function: elegqosun rthsh pros mou, sun rthsh el gqou pros mou. sine wave function: hmitonoeid c kumatosun rthsh. simple function: apl sun rthsh. single-valued function: mon timh sun rthsh. singular function: idi zousa sun rthsh. smooth function: le a sun rthsh. special functions: eidik c sunart seic. spline functions: sunart seic splines. square integrable function: tetragwnik oloklhr simh sun rthsh. square loss function: tetragwnik sun rthsh ap leiac. staircase function: klimakwt sun rthsh. step function: klimakwt sun rthsh, sun rthsh b matoc. strictly decreasing function: gn sia austhr fj nousa sun rthsh. strictly increasing function: gn sia austhr a xousa sun rthsh. subadditive function: upoprosjetik sun rthsh. subexponential function: upoekjetik sun rthsh. superadditive function: uperprosjetik sun rthsh. 134 rthsh el gqou. superregular function: uperkanonik sun rthsh. survivor function: sun rthsh epib wshc. theta function: sun rthsh j ta. transfer function: sun rthsh metafor c. test function: elegqosun rthsh sun rthsh el gqou. trial function: sun rthsh dokim c. triangular wave function: trigwnik kumatosun rthsh. trigonometric functions: trigwnometrik c kuklik c (circular) t seic. gwniometrik c (cyclometric) sunar- unbiased test function: amer lhpth elegqosun rthsh, amer lhpth sun rthsh el gqou. unbounded function: mh fragm nh sun rthsh. uniformly continuous function: omoi morfa suneq c sun rthsh. uniformly most powerful unbiased test function: omoi morfa isqur tath amer lhpth elegqosun omoi morfa isqur tath amer lhpth sun rth...
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