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Unformatted text preview: e distribution function: ajroistik sun rthsh katanom c. cumulative frequency distribution: ajroistik katanom suqnot twn. cumulative frequency polygon: pol gwno ajroistik c suqn thtac. cumulative hazard function: ajroistik sun rthsh diakind neushc. cumulative hierarchy: susswreutik ierarq a (logik ). cup: to s mbolo thc nwshc, . gin meno nwshc (ap to s mbolo cup product: curl: strobilism current: re ma. ). c, peristrof . alternating current: curvature: kampul enallass meno re ma. thta. curvature centroid: k ntro kampul thtac (sun. center of curvature). curvature directions: dieuj nseic kampul thtac. curvature integra: olik kampul thta (sun. integral curvature kai total curvature). curvature tensor: tanust c kampul thtac. curvature vector: di nusma kampul thtac. center of curvature: k ntro kampul thtac. rst curvature: pr th kampul thta. Gaussian curvature: kampul thta tou Gauss. geodesic curvature: gewdaisiak kampul thta, efaptomenik kampul thta (tangential curvature). integral curvature: olik kampul thta (sun. total curvature kai curvature integra). line of curvature: gramm kampul thtac. mean curvature: m sh kampul thta. normal curvature: k jeth kampul thta. principal curvature: k ria kampul thta. radius of curvature: akt na kampul thtac. Riemann curvature tensor: tanust c kampul thtac tou Riemann. scalar curvature: bajmwt kampul thta. second curvature: de terh kampul thta. tangential curvature: efaptomenik kampul thta, gewdaisiak kampul thta (geodesic curvature). total curvature: olik kampul thta (sun. integral curvature kai curvature integra). curve: kamp lh. curve tting: prosarmog kamp lhc. abnormal curve: akanonik mh kanonik kamp anallagmatic curve: anallagmatik kamp lh. catenary curve: alusoeid c kamp lh. characteristic curve: qarakthristik kamp lh. closed curve: kleist kamp lh. lh 72 an malh kamp lh. coordinate curve: suntetagm nh kamp lh. cruciform curve: stauroeid c kamp lh. cubic curve: kubik kamp lh. epitrochoidal curve: epitroqoeid c kamp lh. equipotential curve: isodunamik kamp lh. exponential curve: ekjetik kamp lh. exterior of a closed curve: exwterik kleist c kamp lhc. ow curve: kamp lh ro c. geodesic curves: gewdaisiak c, gewdaisiak c kamp lec (sun. geodesics). graduation curve: kamp lh diab jmishc. guiding curve: dieujeto sa kamp lh (sun. directrix). integral curve: oloklhrwtik kamp lh. interior of a closed curve: eswterik kleist c kamp lhc. isochronous curve: is qronh kamp lh. isoclinic curve: isoklin c kamp lh. Sun. isocline isotropic curve: is troph kamp lh. kurtic curve: kurtwtik kamp lh, kamp lh k rtwshc. meridian curve: meshmbrin kamp lh tom , sun. meridian section. Bl. meridian. normal curve: kanonik kamp lh. oriented curve: prosanatolism nh kamp lh. parameter curve: parametrik kamp lh. plane curve: ep pedh kamp lh. recti able curve: kamp lh me upolog simo (peperasm no) m koc. regression curve: kamp lh palindrom sewc. simple (closed) curve: apl (kleist ) kamp lh. skew curve: as mmetrh kamp lh. smooth curve: le a kamp lh. solution...
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