Absolute zero ap luto mhd n 2 c absolutely apol twc

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Unformatted text preview: absolute maximum: ap luto m gisto. absolute measure: ap luto m tro. absolute minimum: ap luto el qisto. absolute moment: ap luth rop . absolute motion: ap luth k nhsh. absolute number: ap lutoc arijm c. absolute past: ap luto parelj n. absolute pressure: ap luth p esh. absolute scale: ap luth kl maka. absolute stability: ap luth eust jeia. absolute temperature: ap luth jermokras a. absolute tensor: ap lutoc tanust c. absolute units: ap lutec mon dec. absolute value: ap luth tim . absolute zero: ap luto mhd n. 2 c. absolutely: apol twc. absolutely continuous: apol twc suneq c. absolutely continuous distribution: apol twc suneq c katanom . absolutely convergent: apol twc sugkl nwn. absolutely convergent series: apol twc sugkl nousa seir . absolutely stable: apol twc eustaj c. absolutely unbiased: apol twc amer lhptoc. absolutely unbiased estimator: apol twc amer lhpth ektim tria. absorb: aporrof . absorbed: aporrofhm noc. absorbing: aporrofhtik c, aporrof n. absorbing boundary: aporrofhtik s noro. absorbing Markov chain: aporrofhtik alus da Markov. absorbing barrier: aporrofhtik fr gma. absorbing region: aporrofhtik perioq . absorbing set: aporrofo n h aporrofhtik s nolo. absorbing state: aporrofhtik kat stash. absorption: aporr fhsh. absorption coe cient: suntelest c aporr fhshc. absorption distribution: katanom aporr fhshc. absorption spectrum: f sma aporr fhshc. abstract: afair , afhrhm noc, per lhyh. abstract mathematics: afhrhm na majhmatik abstract number: afhrhm noc arijm c. abstract space: afhrhm noc q roc. . abstraction: afa resh. absurd: topoc, par logoc. absurdity: (to) topo. abundant: fjonoc, pleon zwn. accelerate: epitaq nw. accelerated: epitaqun menoc. accelerated motion: epitaqun menh k nhsh. accelerated stochastic approximation: epitaqun menh stoqastik accelerated system of reference: epitaqun meno s sthma anafor uniformly accelerated motion: omal epitaqun menh k nhsh. acceleration: epit qunsh. acceleration of convergence: epit qunsh s gklishc. acceleration vector: di nusma (thc) epit qunshc. absolute acceleration: ap luth epit qunsh. angular acceleration: gwniak epit qunsh. apparent acceleration: fain menh epit qunsh. centrifugal acceleration: fug kentroc epit qunsh. 3 pros ggish. c. centripetal acceleration: kentrom loc epit qunsh. gravitational acceleration: epit qunsh thc bar thtac. instantaneous acceleration: stigmia a epit qunsh. negative acceleration: arnhtik epit qunsh (epibr dunsh). relative acceleration: sqetik epit qunsh. proper acceleration: idioepit qunsh, qarakthristik epit qunsh. tangential acceleration: efaptomenik epit qunsh. uniform acceleration: omal epit qunsh. varying acceleration: metaball menh epit qunsh. accelerator: epitaqunt systolic accelerator: c. sustolik c epitaqunt c. accent: t noc. accept: d qomai, apod qomai. acceptable: apodekt c, dekt c. acceptable language: dekt apodekt gl ssa. acceptable quality level (AQL): apodekt ep pedo poi acceptance: apodoq thtac. , paradoq . acceptance boundary: rio s noro apodoq c. acceptance c...
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