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Unformatted text preview: ontrol chart: q rthc el gqou apodoq c. acceptance error: sf lma apodoq c. acceptance inspection: epije rhsh legqoc apodoq acceptance line: gramm apodoq c. acceptance number: arijm c apodoq c. acceptance region: qwr o perioq apodoq c. c. acceptor: apod kthc, d kthc. language acceptor: access: pr apod kthc gl ssac. sbash, prosp lash. random access: tuqa a prosp lash. random access memory (RAM): mn mh tuqa ac prosp accessible: prosbat c, prosit c. accompany: sunode w. accompanying: sunode wn. accord: sumfwn a. accordance: sumfwn a. according to: s mfwna me. accordingly: anal gwc, sunep c. account: logari zw, logariasm c. accumulated: sunajroistik c. accumulated deviation: sunajroistik ap klish. 4 lashc. accumulated process: accumulation: suss sunajroistik an lixh. reush. accumulation point: shme o susswre point). accuracy: akr beia. intrinsic accuracy: eswterik akr beia. accurate: akrib c. accurately: akrib c. ace: ssoc. achromatic: aqrwmatik aclinic: aklin c. aclinic line: aklin sewc oriak shme o (sun numo twn rwn limit point kai cluster c. c gramm . acoustic: akoustik acoustic source: c. akoustik phg . acoustical: akoustik acoustical wave: c, hqhtik c. akoustik hqhtik k ma. acoustics: akoustik acoustics equation: . ex swsh thc akoustik c. acquaintance: gnwrim a. acquaintance matrix: p nakac gnwrim ac. acquire: apokt . across: di m sou, kat pl toc. acre: str mma (43,560 ft2 =4047m2). act: dr , energ . acta: pepragm na (lat.). actinic: aktinik c. actinium: akt nio. action: dr sh, en rgeia. action integral: olokl rwma dr shc. action variables: metablht c dr shc. canonical action: kanonik dr sh. discontinuous action: asuneq c dr sh. Galois action: dr sh Galois. properly discontinuous action: gn sia asuneq c dr sh. activate: energopoi . activated: energopoihm noc. 5 activation: energopo hsh. activation energy: en rgeia energopo hshc. active: energ c. activity: en rgeia, dr sh, drasthri actual: pragmatik c, alhj c. thta, drastik thta, energ thta. actual error: pragmatik sf lma. actual force: pragmatik d namh. actual position: pragmatik j sh. actual track: pragmatik qnoc. actuary: analogist c. actuarial: analogistik c. acute: oxe a (gwn a), oxug nioc. acute angle: oxe a gwn a. acute triangle: oxug nio tr gwno. Adams-Bashforth methods: m jodoi Adams-Bashforth. adapt: anaprosarm zw. adapted: anaprosarmosm noc. adaptive: anaprosarmostik c. adaptive nite elements: anaprosarmostik peperasm na stoiqe a. adaptive inference: anaprosarmostik sumperasmatolog a. adaptive method: anaprosarmostik m jodoc. adaptive optimization: anaprosarmostik beltistopo hsh. hp-adaptive method: hp-anaprosarmostik m jodoc. adaptively: anaprosarmostik adaptively generated mesh: . anaprosarmostik parag meno pl gma. adaptivity: anaprosarmostik thta. add: prosj tw, ajro zw. addable: prosjet c. addend: prosjete c. addendum (pl. addenda): prosj kh, sumpl addition: pr sjesh, jroish. rwma. addition formula: t poc ajro smatoc. algebraic addition: algebrik pr sjesh. closed under addition: kleis...
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