Actual error pragmatik sf lma a posteriori error

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Unformatted text preview: anwmal a ousi dec an malo shme o. essential supremum: ousi dec supremum. essential upper bound: ousi dec nw fr gma. 109 essentially: ousiwd c, ousiastik . essentially bounded: ousiwd c fragm noc. essentially bounded above: ousiwd c nw fragm noc. essentially bounded below: ousiwd c k tw fragm noc. essentially complete: ousiwd c pl rhc. estimable: ektim simoc. estimate: ekt mhsh, ektim , upolog zw. biased estimate: mh amer lhpth ekt mhsh. error estimate: ekt mhsh sf lmatoc. point estimate: shmeiak ekt mhsh. rough estimate: pr qeirh ekt mhsh. sharp estimate: oxe a ekt mhsh. standard error of estimate: tupik sf lma ektim unbiased estimate: amer lhpth ekt mhsh. sewc. estimation: ekt mhsh. estimation theory: ektimhtik jewr a ektim sewc. a posteriori error estimation: a posteriori ekt mhsh sf estimator: ektim lmatoc. tria, ektimht c. absolutely unbiased estimator: apol twc amer lhpth ektim tria. Bayes estimator: ektim tria Bayes. best estimator: b ltisth ektim tria. biased estimator: mh amer lhpth ektim tria. maximum likelihood estimator: ektim tria m gisthc pijanof neiac. non-regular estimator: mh kanonik ektim tria. point estimator: shmeiak ektim tria. Se merik bibl a, shmeioektim point estimator: shmeiak ektim tria. quadratic estimator: tetragwnik ektim tria. ratio estimator: ektim tria l gou. regular estimator: kanonik ektim tria. strongly consistent estimator: isqur sunep c ektim tria. unbiased estimator: amer lhpth ektim tria. tria Euclidean: eukle deioc, o tou Eukle dh. Euclidean algorithm: eukle deioc alg rijmoc. Euclidean geometry: eukle deia gewmetr a. Euclidean norm: eukle deia n rma. Euclidean ring: eukle deioc dakt lioc. Euclidean space: eukle deioc q roc. Euler, Leonhard (1707-1783) Euler characteristic: qarakthristik tou Euler. Euler's constant: stajer tou Euler. Euler equations: exis seic Euler. Euler's identities: taut thtec tou Euler. Euler-Maclaurin summation formula: t poc jroishc twn Euler-Maclaurin. 110 shmeioektimht c. Euler numbers: arijmo tou Euler. Euler's theorem: je rhma tou Euler. Eulerian: tou Euler. Eulerian approach: je rhsh kat Euler. evaluate: upolog zw, ektim . evaluation: upologism c, ekt mhsh. evaporation: ex tmish. even: rtioc, zug c. even extension: rtia ep ktash. even function: rtia sun rthsh. even number: rtioc arijm c. even parity: rtia isotim a. even permutation: rtia met jesh. evenly: omoi morfa, omal , ex sou. omoi morfa topojethm noi. evenly spaced: event: gegon c, endeq meno. certain event: b baio gegon c endeq meno. composite event: s njeto gegon c endeq meno. compound event: s njeto gegon c endeq meno. dependent events: exarthm na gegon ta endeq mena. elementary event: stoiqei dec gegon c endeq meno. impossible event: ad nato gegon c endeq meno. independent events: anex rthta gegon ta endeq mena. mutually exclusive events: asumb basta gegon ta endeq random event: tuqa o endeq meno. rare event: sp nio gegon c endeq meno. simple event: apl stoiqei dec gegon c endeq meno. sure event: b baio gegon c endeq meno. every: k je. everywhere: panto almost ev...
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