Ajroistik logik 190 logical logik c logical

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Unformatted text preview: thta. topological manifold: topologik pollapl thta. manipulate: qeir zomai, epexerg zomai. 193 thtac. roc pol ptuqo. manipulation: qeirism c, epexergas a. c qeirism c c qeirism c algebraic manipulation: algebrik symbolic manipulation: sumbolik epexergas a. epexergas a. mantissa: dekadik m roc (logar jmou), klasmatik many: pollo , ple stoi. many-valued: plei timoc. many-valued function: plei me'roc. timh sun rthsh. map: apeikon zw, apeik nish (bl. mapping), q a ne map: susqetism nh apeik nish. equiareal map: isembadik apeik nish. equivariant map: isallo wth apeik nish. inclusion map: apeik nish egkleismo . inverse map: ant strofh apeik nish. Lie map: apeik nish Lie. linear map: grammik apeik nish. rthc. mapped: apeikonism noc. mapped element: apeikonism no stoiqe o. mapping: apeik nish, metasqhmatism c (transformation), sun rthsh (function). mapping function: sun rthsh apeikon sewc. mapping theorem: je rhma apeikon sewc. a ne mapping: susqetism nh apeik nish. antilinear mapping: antigrammik hmigrammik (semilinear) apeik nish. conformal mapping: s mmorfh apeik nish. constant mapping: stajer apeik nish. contraction mapping: apeik nish sustol c. contractive mapping: sustolik apeik nish. geodesic mapping: gewdaisiak apeik nish. holomorphic mapping: ol morfh apeik nish. identity mapping: tautotik apeik nish. interior mapping: eswterik apeik nish. inverse mapping: ant strofh apeik nish. isogonal mapping: isog nia apeik nish. isometric mapping: isometrik apeik nish. linear mapping: grammik apeik nish. non-singular mapping: mh idi zousa omal apeik nish. one-to-one mapping: na proc na amfimonos manth amfimon timh erriptik (bijective) apeik nish. open mapping: anoikt apeik nish. open mapping theorem: je rhma anoikt c apeik nishc. semilinear mapping: hmigrammik antigrammik (antilinear) apeik nish. singular mapping: idi zousa apeik nish. symplectic mapping: sumplektik apeik nish. topological mapping: topologik apeik nish. zero mapping: mhdenik apeik nish metasqhmatism c (transformation). 194 - march: pore marching: p mai, bad zw, pore a, b disma. reush, pore a. time marching: qronop reush. time marching scheme: m jodoc qronop margin: perij rio. marginal: perijwriak reushc. c, perij rioc, oriak c. marginal density function: perij ria sun rthsh pukn thtac. marginal distribution function: perij ria sun rthsh katanom c. marginal frequency: perij ria suqn thta. marginal probability function: perij ria sun rthsh pijan thtac. mark: shme o, shm class mark: k ntro di, k ntro, m so, shmei nw. m so kl sewc. marked: shmeiwm noc, shmadem noc. Markov, A.A. (1856-1922). Markov chain: alus da Markov, Markobian alus da. Markov system: s sthma Markov, Markobian s sthma. irreducible Markov chain: an gwgh alus da Markov. martingale: martingale. martingale approximation: pros m-ary: miadik c. m-ary operation: miadik pr m-ary tree: miadik d ntro. mass: m ggish martingale. xh. za. mass balance: isoz gio m zac. mass conservation: diat rhsh thc m zac. mass force: mazik d namh. Bl. body force. mass...
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