Analytic part analutik m roc imaginary part fantastik

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Unformatted text preview: . periodic function: periodik sun rthsh. almost periodic: sqed n periodik c. doubly periodic (function): dipl periodik quasi-periodic: oione periodik c. periodicity: periodik (sun rthsh). thta. idi thtec periodik thtac. periodicity properties: periodogram: period gramma. periphery: perif reia. 243 permanent: m nimoc, diark c. permanent magnet: m nimoc magn permanent wave: m nimo k ma. thc. permanently: m nima. permeability: diaperat thta, magnhtik diaperat thta. permeable: diaperat c. permissible: epitrept c. permittivity: diaperat thta, hlektrik diaperat thta. electric permittivity: hlektrik permutation: met diaperat thta. jesh, di taxh. permutation group: om da met jeshc. permutation matrix: p nakac metaj sewn. permutation parity: isotim a metaj sewc. permutation symbol: s mbolo met jeshc. permutation test: metaj tik c legqoc. cyclic permutation: kuklik met jesh. circular permutation: kuklik met jesh. even permutation: rtia met jesh. odd permutation: peritt met jesh. oscillating permutation: talanteu menh met perpendicular: k jetoc. jesh. perpendicular axes theorem: je rhma twn kaj perpendicular bisector: mesok jetoc. perpendicular lines: k jetec gramm c. perpendicular planes: k jeta ep peda. perpendicular section: k jeth tom . perpendicular vectors: k jeta dian smata. mutually perpendicular: metax touc k jetoi. perpendicularity: kajet thta. perpetual: a naoc, dihnek twn ax nwn. c. perpendicularity condition: sunj kh kajet thtac. perpetual motion: a nah k nhsh. perpetuity: dihnek c, aiwni thta. perpetuum-mobile: aeik nhto. persistency: emmon . persistent: mmonoc, ep monoc. persistent state: mmonh kat stash. perspective: prooptik , prooptik c. gewmetr a. perspective geometry: prooptik 244 perspective projection: prooptik probol axis of perspective: prooptik c xonac. . persymmetric: perisummetrik c. perisummetrik c p nakac (p nakac A pou ikanopoie thn A=RAT R, pou tetragwnik c p nakac tou opo ou ta stoiqe a e nai 1 sth deutere ousa diag nio kai 0 allo ). persymmetric matrix: perturbation: diataraq , p relxh planht n. perturbation method: m jodoc diataraq n. regular perturbation: kanonik diataraq . regular perturbation method: m jodoc kanonik n diataraq n. singular perturbation: idi zousa diataraq . singular perturbation method: m jodoc idiazous n diataraq n. perturbative: diataraktik perturbative theory: c. diataraktik jewr a. perturbed: diataragm noc. perturbed solution: diataragm nh l sh. singularly perturbed: idiaz ntwc idi morfa diataragm noc. Petrov, (-) Petrov-Galerkin method: m phase: f jodoc Petrov-Galerkin. sh. phase angle: fasik gwn a, gwn a f shc. phase change: allag f shc. phase diagram: fasik di gramma, di gramma f sewn. phase error: fasik sf lma. phase function: fasik sun rthsh. phase integral: fasik olokl rwma, olokl rwma f shc. phase lag: ust rhsh f sewc. phase portrait: fasik prortr to di gramma. phase separation: diaqwrism c f sewn. phase shift: metat pish f sewc. phase space: fasik c q roc, q roc f sewn. phase spectrum: fasik f sma. phase transition: met bas...
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