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Unformatted text preview: c arijm c. dimensionless number: adi statoc arijm c. Euler numbers: arijmo tou Euler. even number: rtioc arijm c. imaginary number: fantastik c arijm c. incommensurable numbers: as mmetroi arijmo . index number: arijmode kthc. information number: plhroforiak c arijm c. integer number: ak raioc arijm c. irrational number: rrhtoc arijm c. natural number: fusik c arijm c. 225 c. n. cit). negative number: arnhtik c arijm c. octal number system: oktadik s sthma arijm n. odd number: peritt c arijm c. opposite numbers: ant jetoi arijmo . ordinal number: diataktik c arijm c. perfect number: t leioc arijm c. polygonal numbers: polugwniko arijmo . positive number: jetik c arijm c. prime number: pr toc arijm c. prime number theorem: je rhma pr twn arijm n. random numbers: tuqa oi arijmo . random sampling numbers: tuqa oi arijmo deigmatolhy ac. rational number: rht c arijm c. real number: pragmatik c arijm c. real number system: s sthma twn pragmatik n arijm n. sampling numbers: arijmo deigmatolhy ac. serial number: a xwn arijm c. square numbers: tetragwniko arijmo . strictly negative number: gn sia austhr arnhtik c arijm strictly positive number: gn sia austhr jetik c arijm c. wave number: kumatarijm c. c. numbering: ar jmhsh. global numbering: kajolik ar jmhsh. local numbering: topik ar jmhsh. numerable: arijm numerable set: numeral: arijm simoc (sun. denumerable). arijm simo s nolo. c, arijmhtik c, (arijmhtik ) yhf o. arabic numerals: arabiko arijmo . roman numerals: rwma ko arijmo . numerate: arijm . numerated: arijmhm noc. numerated set: asjen c perigr yimo s nolo (sun. weakly representable set). numeration: ar jmhsh. numerator: arijmht c. numeric: arijmhtik c. numerical: arijmhtik c. numerical analysis: arijmhtik an lush. numerical calculation: arijmhtik c upologism c. numerical data: arijmhtik dedom na. numerical di erentiation: arijmhtik parag gish. numerical expression: arijmhtik par stash. numerical instability: arijmhtik ast jeia. numerical integration: arijmhtik olokl rwsh. 226 numerical integrator: arijmhtik c oloklhrwt c. numerical linear algebra: arijmhtik grammik lgebra. numerical method: arijmhtik m jodoc. numerical quanti er: arijmhtik c (uparxiak c) posode kthc. numerical results: arijmhtik apotel smata. numerical simulation: arijmhtik prosomo wsh. numerical solution: arijmhtik l sh. numerical stability: arijmhtik eust jeia. numerical value: arijmhtik tim . numerically: arijmhtik numerically stable: . arijmhtik eustaj c. numerics: arijmhtiko upologismo . O ODE (ordinary di erential equation): sun OR (overrelaxation): uperqal rwsh. Jacobi OR: uperqal rwsh tou jhc diaforik ex swsh (SDE). Jacobi. object: antike meno. object function: sun rthsh antikeim nwn. object lens: antikeimenik c fak c. object oriented: antikeimenostref c. object-oriented method: antikeimenostref c m jodoc. object product: gin meno antikeim nwn. free object: ele jero antike meno. free-object functor: sunartht c ele jerwn antikeim nwn. zero object: mhdenik antike meno. object...
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