Arabic numerals arabiko arijmo roman numerals rwma ko

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Unformatted text preview: pif neia. one-step: monobhmatik c. one-step method: monobhmatik m jodoc. 229 distribution). one-tailed: mon one-tailed test: pleuroc. mon pleuroc legqoc. one-to-one: na proc na amfimonos manth amfimon timh erriptik (injective). Se merik bibl a, nesh (injection)! one-to-one function: na proc na amfimonos manth amfimon timh erriptik (bijective) sun rthsh. one-to-one mapping: na proc na amfimonos manth amfimon timh erriptik (bijective) apeik nish. one-to-one transformation: na proc na amfimonos mantoc amfimon timoc metasqhmatism c. one-to-one and onto: na proc na kai ep amfimonos manth kai ep amfimon timh kai ep amfirriptik (bijective). Se merik bibl a, amf esh (bijection)! Prosoq : se k poia bibl a, qrhsimopoie tai lanjasm na o roc amfimonos manth (qwr c to ep ). one-to-one correspondence: antistoiq a na proc na, amfimonos manth amfimon timh antistoiq a. one-way: miac kate junshc, monokateujuntik c, mon dromoc. m jodoc. ma. one-way method: monokateujuntik one-way wave: monokateujuntik k one-valued: mon timoc. mon timh sun rthsh. one-valued function: onto: ep . onto function: sun rthsh ep epirriptik (surjective) sun tion)! one-to-one and onto: bl. one-to-one. opaque: adiafan open: anoikt c. rthsh. Se merik bibl a, fesh (surjec- c. open ball: anoikt mp la. open cover: anoikt k luyh. open covering: anoikt k luyh. open curve: anoikt kamp lh. open form: anoikt morf . open formula: anoikt c t poc. open function: anoikt sun rthsh. open integration formulas: anoikto t poi (arijmhtik c) olokl open interval: anoikt di sthma. open mapping: anoikt apeik nish. open mapping theorem: je rhma anoikt c apeik nishc. open neighborhood: anoikt perioq . open region: anoikt c t poc, anoikt qwr o. open set: anoikt s nolo. open sphere: anoikt sfa ra. open surface: anoikt epif neia. operation: pr xh, metasqhmatism c, dr sh, epiqe rhsh. arithmetic operation: arijmhtik pr xh. binary operation: dimel c pr xh. column operation: pr xh metasqhmatism c sthl n. 230 rwshc. elementary operation: stoiqei dhc pr xh metasqhmatism c (transformation). elementary column operation: stoiqei dhc metasqhmatism c sthl n. elementary row operation: stoiqei dhc metasqhmatism c gramm n. evolutionary operation: exeliktik dr sh. external operation: exwterik pr xh. oating operation: pr xh kinht c upodiastol c. internal operation: eswterik pr xh. nullary operation: mhdenik pr xh. opposite (binary) operation: ant jeth (dimel c) pr xh. row operation: pr xh metasqhmatism c gramm n. ternary operation: trimel c pr xh. unary operation: monomel c pr xh. operational: epiqe rhsiak operational research: operator: telest c. epiqeirisiak reuna. c. backward di erence operator: telest c thc proc ta p sw thc an nth diafor c. biharmonic operator: diarmonik c telest c. bounded operator: fragm noc telest c. continuous operator: suneq c telest c. contractive operator: sustolik c telest c. del operator: (telest c) an delta. derivative operator: telest c paragwg sewc. diagonal operator: diag nioc telest c. di erential operator: di...
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