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Unformatted text preview: able discontinuity: air menh apale yimh asun qeia. removable singularity: air menh epousi dhc diorj simh remove: afair , apale fw. renew: anane nw. renewal: anan wsh. renormalization: anakanonikopo hsh. renormalize: anakanonikopoi . renumber: anaarijm . renumbering: anaar jmhsh. reordering: anadi taxh. repeat: epanalamb nw. 285 apale yimh anwmal a. repeated: epanalamban menoc. repeated root: epanalamban menh r za. repeated survey: epanalamban menh reuna. repetition: epanal lhyh. replace: epanaj tw, epanatopojet , antikajist , anaplhr . replacement: epan jesh, epanatopoj thsh, antikat stash, anapl replacement theorem: je rhma epan jeshc. partial replacement: merik epan jesh. replicate: epanalamb nw, epan lhyh. replication: epan lhyh. represent: anaparist nw, parist nw. representable: anaparast simoc, perigr rwsh. yimoc. representable functor: anaparast simoc sunartht c. representable set: perigr yimo s nolo. weakly representable set: asjen c perigr yimo s nolo (sun. numerated set). representation: par stash, morf , antipros peush, anapar stash, ekpros phsh. representation theory: jewr a anaparast sewn. canonical representation: kanonik anapar stash. cardinal representation: jemeli dhc anapar stash. complex representation: migadik par stash. decimal representation: dekadik morf (pragmatiko arijmo ). faithful representation: pist anapar stash. nite representation: peperasm nh anapar stash. Galois representations: anaparast seic Galois. graphical representation: grafik anapar stash. group representation: anapar stash om dac. integral representation: oloklhrwtik morf par stash. normal representation: kanonik anapar stash. parametric representation: kanonik par stash. regular representation: kanonik par stash. Riesz representation theorem: je rhma anaparast sewc tou Riesz. seminormal representation: hmikanonik anapar stash. vector representation: par stash me dian smata. representative: antiproswpeutik c, antipr swpoc. repulsion: pwsh. repunits: arijmo epanalamban menwn mon dwn (p.x., 1, 11, 111 kok). resampling: anadeigmatolhy a. research: reuna. basic research: basik reuna. operational research: epiqeirisiak researcher: ereunht reuna. c. 286 reside: param nw, diam nw, katoik . residence: paramon , diamon , katoik a. residence time: qr noc paramon c. resident: param nwn, diam nwn, k residual: up loipo. Galerkin weighted residuals: residue: up toikoc. stajmism na up loipa Galerkin. loipo, oloklhrwtik up loipo. residue class: kl sh upolo pwn. residue class ring: dakt lioc thc kl shc upolo pwn dakt residue theorem: je rhma twn oloklhrwtik n upolo pwn. power residue: dunamo p loipo. resistance: ant stash. resistor: antist thc. resolution: ep lush, an lush, eukr neia, diaqwrisim thta, diakrisim thta. resolution method: m jodoc ep lushc. resolution rule: kan nac ep lushc. resolution theorem: je rhma ep lushc. high resolution: uyhl eukr neia diakrisim resolvability: epilusim thta. thta, analusim thta. thta. a ne resolvability: susqetism nh analusim resolvable: ep...
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