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Unformatted text preview: sic frame: basik pla sio. basic framing: basik plais wsh. basic machine: basik mhqan . basic principles: basik c arq c, axi basic research: basik reuna. mata (axioms). 26 basic sequence: basik akolouj a. unconditional basic sequence: ad smeuth basik basis (pl. bases): b akolouj a. sh. basis function: sun rthsh b shc. basis vector: di nsuma b shc. bicubic basis functions: dikubik c sunart seic b shc. bilinear basis functions: digrammik c sunart seic b shc. biquadratic basis functions: ditetragwnik c sunart seic b shc. change of basis matrix: p nakac allag c b shc p nakac met bashc (transition matrix). cubic basis functions: kubik c sunart seic b shc. global basis functions: kajolik c sunart seic b shc. involutive basis: eneliktik b sh. linear basis functions: grammik c sunart seic b shc. local basis functions: topik c sunart seic b shc. minimal basis: elaqistotik b sh. ordered basis: diatetagm nh b sh. oriented basis: prosanatolism nh b sh. orthogonal basis: orjog nia b sh. orthonormal basis: orjokanonik b sh. quadratic basis functions: tetragwnik c sunart seic b shc. standard basis: sun jhc b sh, kanonik b sh, kajierwm nh b sh. transcendence basis: uperbatik b sh. unconditional basis: ad smeuth b sh. batch: part da. battery: sustoiq a. Bayes, (-) Bayes' estimation: ekt mhsh Bayes. Bayes estimator: ektim tria Bayes. Bayes' postulate: a thma Bayes. Bayes' risk: diakind neush Bayes. Bayes' theorem or rule: je rhma t Bayesian: mpe poc tou Bayes. zian c, tou Bayes. mpe zian diast mata. Bayesian intervals: beam: dok c, r bdoc, d smh (aktinobol ac). c. elastic beam: elastik dok light beam: d smh fwt c. beat: diakr thma, sumbol (optik ). suqn thta diakrot matoc. beat frequency: beating: sumbol (optik before: prin. behavior: sumperifor . asymptotic behavior: ). asumptwtik sumperifor . 27 chaotic behavior: qaotik sumperifor . inductive behavior: epagwgik sumperifor periodic behavior: periodik sumperifor . . behavioral: sumperiforik c. Bei functions: sunart seic Bei. bell: k dwnac. bell-shaped: below: k kwdwnoeid c. tw. bounded below: k tw fragm noc. essentially bounded below: ousiwd Beltrami-Enneper formula: t benchmark: shme o anafor c. benchmark problem: pr bend: k mptw, k myh. bend point: shme o an bending: k c k tw fragm noc. poc twn Beltrami-Enneper. blhma anafor c. kamyhc. myh, k rtwsh (optik ). myhc. bending invariant: anallo wth k bending moment: rop k myhc. Ber functions: sunart seic Ber. Bergman kernel: pur nac Bergman. Bernoulli, (-) Bernoulli distribution: katanom tou Bernoulli Bernoulli's inequality: anis thta tou Bernoulli. Bernoulli numbers: arijmo tou Bernoulli. Bernoulli trial: dokim Bernoulli. diwnumik (binomial) katanom . Bertrand curve: kamp lh tou Berdrand. Bessel, F.W. (1784-1846). Bessel functions: sunart seic Bessel. Bessel's di erential equation: diaforik ex swsh tou Bessel. Bessel's modi ed di erential equation: tropopoihm nh diaforik Bessel's inequality: anis thta tou Bessel. modi ed Bessel functions: tropopoihm nec sunart seic Bessel. best: b ltistoc. best...
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