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Bounded fragm noc bounded above nw fragm noc bounded

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Unformatted text preview: no. bounded quanti er: fragm noc posode kthc. bounded sequence: fragm nh akolouj a. bounded set: fragm no s nolo. bounded variation: fragm nh metabol . essentially bounded: ousiwd c fragm noc. essentially bounded above: ousiwd c nw fragm noc. essentially bounded below: ousiwd c k tw fragm noc. totally bounded: olik c fragm noc. boundedness: to fragm no. bounding: fr sswn, perib llwn, perikle wn. bounding surface: perikle ousa epif neia. boundless: mh fragm noc, o qwr c ria, to peiro. 34 box: kout . box product: mikt gin meno dianusm twn. brachistochrone: braqust qronoc, braq brachistochrone problem: braqust bracket: agk qronoc kamp lh. qrono pr blhma. lh. Lie bracket: agk lh Lie. Poisson bracket: agk lh Poisson branch: kl doc, diakl dwsh. branch cut: tom diaklad sewc. branch line: gramm diaklad sewc. branch point: shme o diaklad sewc. principal branch: prwte wn kl doc. branched: diakladwm noc. branched covering: branching: diakl diakladwm nh k luyh. dwsh. diakladwm nh branching process: breakthrough: tom , apofasistik breath: pl toc, e roc. bridge: mpritz, g fura. Briggsian: tou Briggs. kladwt an lixh. b ma. Briggsian system of logarithms: logarijmik broad: eur c, plat c. broadband: eure a z nh. s sthma tou broadband communication: epikoinwn a eure ac z Briggs nhc. Brownian: tou Brown. Brownian motion: k nhsh Brown. bubble: fusall da. bubble function: sun rthsh fusall dac. bubble function method: m jodoc sun rthshc fusall dac. buckle: k mptw. buckling: k myh. budget: pro pologism c. build: kataskeu zw, oikodom built in: enswmatwm noc. bulk: . gkoc, s nolo. 35 dekadik s sthma logar jmwn. bundle: d smh, dr gma (Topol.). bundle of circles: d smh k klwn. bundle of lines: d smh gramm n. bundle of planes: d smh epip dwn. a ne bundle: susqetism nh d smh. associated bundle: susqetism nh d smh. ber bundle: nhmatik d smh. line bundle: d smh gramm n. normal bundle: k jeth d smh. principal bundle: k ria d smh. tangent bundle: efapt menh d smh. vector bundle: dianusmatik d smh, d smh dianusm buoyancy: nwsh, buoyancy force: twn. ntwsh. nwsh. buoyant: thc nwshc, antwtik byte: dufiosullab , byte. c. C CFD (computational uid dynamics): upologistik reustodunamik . CLT (central limit theorem): kentrik oriak je rhma. cactoid: kaktoeid c. calculate: upolog zw. calculation: upologism c. numerical calculation: arijmhtik calculator: arijmomhqan calculus: logism c. c upologism c. , kompiouter ki. calculus of variations: logism c twn metabol n. di erential calculus: diaforik c logism c. fundamental theorem of calculus: jemeli dec je rhma tou majhmatiko logismo . fundamental theorem of integral calculus: jemeli dec je rhma tou oloklhrwtiko logismo integral calculus: oloklhrwtik c logism c. predicate calculus: kathgorhmatik c logism c (sun. quanti cation theory). propositional calculus: protasiak c logism c (sun. sentential calculus). sentential calculus: protasiak c logism c (sun. propositional calculus. caloric: jermik c, jermantik c. calori c: jermik c, jermog noc. 36 . cancel: akur...
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