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Unformatted text preview: aforik c telest c. Hermitian operator: ermitian c telest c. identity operator: tautotik c telest c. interpolation operator: telest c parembol c. inverse operator: ant strofoc telest c. iteration operator: telest c epan lhyhc. linear operator: grammik c telest c. Laplace operator: telest c tou Laplace, laplasian c telest c, laplasian . non-singular operator: mh idi zwn omal c telest c. normal operator: k jetoc telest c. partial di erential operator: merik c diaforik c telest c telest c me merik c parag positive de nite operator: jetik orism noc telest c. projection operator: telest c probol c. pseudoinverse operator: yeudoant strofoc telest c. self-adjoint operator: autoprosarthm noc autosuzug c telest c. singular operator: idi zwn telest c. Sturm-Liouville operator: telest c Sturm-Liouville. symmetric operator: summetrik c telest c. wave operator: kumatik c telest c. opposite: ant jetoc, ap nanti. opposite angles: kat koruf gwn ec. opposite category: ant jeth du k (dual) kathgor a. opposite elements: ant jeta stoiqe a. 231 gouc. opposite numbers: ant jetoi arijmo . opposite (binary) operation: ant jeth (dimel c) pr xh. opposite ring: ant jetoc dakt lioc. opposite side (to an angle): ap nanti pleur (se gwn a trig opposite sides: ap nanti pleur c. opposite vectors: ant jeta dian smata. opposition: ant jesh, antizug a. optic: optik c. optic axis: optik c xonac. optical: optik c. optical eld: optik ped o. optical path: optik c dr moc. optical path length: m koc optiko optics: optik . ber optics: optik geometrical optics: dr mou. twn inwd n agwg n. gewmetrik optik . optima: bl. optimum. optimal: b ltistoc. optimal control: b ltistoc legqoc. optimal property: b ltisth idi thta. optimality: beltist thta. optimistic: aisi doxoc, optimistik c. optimization: beltistopo hsh, aristopo hsh. optimization problem: pr blhma beltistopo hshc. optimization technique: m jodoc beltistopo hshc. adaptive optimization: anaprosarmostik beltistopo hsh. combinatorial optimization: sunduastik beltistopo hsh. convex optimization: kurt beltistopo hsh. equilibrium optimization: beltistopo hsh isorrop ac. global optimization: kajolik beltistopo hsh. linear optimization: grammik beltistopo hsh. multi-level optimization: mh grammik beltistopo hsh. non-linear optimization: mh grammik beltistopo hsh. stochastic optimization: stoqastik beltistopo hsh. structural optimization: domik beltistopo hsh. optimize: beltistopoi , aristopoi . optimizer: beltistopoiht c. optimum (pl. optima): b ltistoc, ristoc, b ltisth tim option: epilog , proa resh. optional: proairetik c. 232 . nou). orbit: troqi . orbital: troqiak c, planhtik order: t xh, di taxh. c. ascending order: anio sa t xh. continuity order: t xh sun qeiac. convergence order: t xh sugklishc. descending order: katio sa t xh. rst order: pr th t xh. rst-order di erential equation: diaforik ex swsh pr thc t xhc. higher order terms: roi an terhc t xhc. inverse order: ant strofh di taxh. lexicographic order: lexikografik alfabhtik di taxh. natural order:...
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