Circular motion kuklik k nhsh constrained motion

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Unformatted text preview: t multiply: 1. pollaplasi Lagrange. zw. 2. pollapl . multiply connected: pollapl sunektik c. multiply connected region: pollapl sunektik multipolar: polupolik multipole: pol polo. n tou qwr o t poc. c. multipole equation: polupolik ex swsh. multipole expansion: polupolik an ptugma. multipole method: polupolik m jodoc. multiscale: pollapl kl maka. multiscale analysis: an lush pollapl c kl makac (sun. multiple scale analysis). multiscale phenomena: fain mena pollapl c kl makac. multiset: polus nolo. multi-stage: polustadiak c. multi-stage integration method: polustadiak m jodoc olokl multi-stage sampling: polustadiak deigmatolhy a. multi-step: polubhmatik c, poll n bhm twn. m jodoc. multi-step method: polubhmatik multi-temporal: poluqronik c. multi-temporal model: poluqronik multitude: pl joc. multivalent: polud namoc, polusjen multi-valued: plei timoc. mont lo. multi-valued decision: ap fash poll multi-valued function: plei timh sun multi-valued logic: plei timh logik . c. n epilog n. rthsh. 213 rwshc. multivariate: polumetablht c, poludi statoc. multivariate analysis: polumetablht an lush. multivariate distribution: polumetablht katanom . multivariate inequality: polumetablht anis thta. multivariate moment: polumetablht mikt rop . multivariate process: polumetablht an lixh. multivariate quality control: polumetablht c legqoc poi thtac. multivector: poludi nusma. musical: mousik c. musical note: mousik c t noc. mutable: metablht c. mutate: metab llw. mutatis mutandis: throum nwn twn analogi mute: boub c. mutual: amoiba oc. mutually: amoiba a. n (lat.). mutually exclusive events: asumb basta gegon mutually exclusive sets: x na s nola. mutually perpendicular: metax touc k jetoi. ta endeq mena. N nabla: an delta (telest nadir: nad r. naive: aplo k c. naked: gumn c. naked singularity: gumn c), sun. del. anwmal a. Napier, J. (1550-1617). Napierian: nep reioc, o tou Napier. Napierian logarithms: fusiko log rijmoi, nep reioi log rijmoi. Napierian system of logarithms: logarijmik s sthma tou Napier. narrow: sten c. narrowly: sten . narrowly appropriate structure: sten kat llhlh dom . 214 natural: fusik c. natural base of logarithms: fusik b sh twn logar jmwn. natural boundary: fusik s noro. natural boundary condition: fusik sunoriak sunj kh (sunj kh Neumann). natural embedding: fusik emf teush. natural equations: fusik c exis seic. natural equivalence: fusik isodunam a, fusik c isomorfism c. natural frequency: fusik suqn thta. natural isomorphism: fusik c isomorfism c. natural language: fusik gl ssa. natural logarithm: fusik c log rijmoc. natural norm: fusik n rma. natural number: fusik c arijm c. natural order: fusik di taxh. natural parameter: fusik par metroc. natural spline: fusik (sun rthsh) spline. natural transformation: fusik apeik nish metasqhmatism c. nature: f sh. non-linear nature: mh grammik f sh, mh grammik c qarakt rac. naught: mhd n (sun. zero kai nought). nautical: anutik c. nautical mile: nautik near: plhs on, kont m li. , sqed n, kontin c. near...
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