Circumscribed perigegramm noc circumscribed circle

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Unformatted text preview: sh. codable class: kwdikopoi simh kl sh. equivalence class: kl sh isodunam ac. equivalency class: kl sh isodunam ac. nite class: peperasm nh kl sh. impredicative axiom of class formation: mh kathgorhmatik ax wma kataskeu c kl sewn. in nite class: peirh kl sh. predicative axiom of class formation: kathgorhmatik ax wma kataskeu c kl sewn. proper class: gn sia kl sh. residue class: kl sh upolo pwn. residue class ring: dakt lioc thc kl shc upolo pwn dakt lioc phl ko (quotient ring). revealed class: apokalumm nh kl sh. classical: klasik c. classical approach to probability: klasik classical mechanics: klasik mhqanik . classical statistics: klasik statistik . classi cation: taxin c orism c pijan thtac. mhsh. classi cation table: p nakac taxin mhshc. crossed classi cation: staurwt taxin mhsh. hierarchical classi cation: ierarqik taxin mhsh. two-way classi cation: taxin mhsh kat d o par gontec. clause: sunj kh (plhroforik ). equivalent clause sets: isod nama s nola sunjhk variant of a clause: parallag sunj khc. climate: kl ma. climate change: n. klimatik allag . clinometer: klis metro, klin metro. clique: pl rec gr fhma pl rhc gr foc, kl ka. clock: rol i. clockwise: me th for (peristrof c) twn deikt n tou rologio . clockwise direction: for kate junsh peristrof c twn deikt n tou rologio clockwise sense: for kate junsh peristrof c twn deikt n tou rologio . close: kontin c, egg c, plhs on, kle nw. arko ntwc kont . su ciently close: closeness: egg thta. closed: kleist c, kleism noc. closed ball: kleist mp la. closed curve: kleist kamp lh. 45 . closed form: kleist morf . closed formula: kleist c t poc. closed integration formulas: kleisto t poi (arijmhtik c) olokl rwshc. closed interval: kleist di sthma. closed loop: kleist c br qoc. closed neighborhood: kleist perioq . closed polygon: kleist pol gwno. closed region: kleist c t poc, kleist qwr o. closed set: kleist s nolo. closed sphere: kleist sfa ra. closed surface: kleist epif neia. closed under: kleist c wc proc. closed under addition: kleist c wc proc thn pr sjesh. closed under multiplication: kleist c wc proc ton pollaplasiasm . exterior of a closed curve: exwterik kleist c kamp lhc. interior of a closed curve: eswterik kleist c kamp lhc. multiplicatively closed: pollaplasiastik kleist c. closedness: kleist thta. closure: j kh, per blhma, k lumma, kleist thta, kle simo. closure property: idi thta thc kleist thtac. closure of a set: j kh kleist thta sun lou. closure under addition: kleist thta wc proc thn pr sjesh. closure under multiplication: kleist thta wc proc ton pollaplasiasm algebraic closure: algebrik j kh kleist thta. re exive closure: anaklastik kleist thta. transcendental closure: uperbatik j kh kleist thta. transitive closure: metabatik kleist thta. . club: spaj sta trapoul qarta (|). cluster: sust da, suss reuma, sm noc, d smh. cluster analysis: an lush sust dwn. cluster of galaxies: sm noc galaxi n. cluster point: shme o susswre sewc oriak shme o (sun limit point). cluster sampling: deigmatolhy a kat sust dec. cluster...
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