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Unformatted text preview: tring: pall menh qord . strip: lwr da. Moebius strip: strong: isqur lwr da tou Moebius. c. strong completeness: isqur plhr thta. strong convergence: isqur s gklish. strong coupling: isqur s zeuxh. strong ellipticity: isqur elleiptik thta. strong form: isqur morf . strong law: isqur c n moc. strong law of large numbers: isqur c n moc twn meg strong topology: isqur topolog a. stronger: isqur lwn arijm n. teroc. isqur terh ekdoq . stronger version: strongly: isqur . strongly consistent: isqur sunep c. strongly consistent estimator: isqur sunep c ektim tria. strongly coupled problems: isqur suzeugm na probl mata. strongly elliptic: isqur elleiptik c. strongly singular: isqur idi zwn idi morfoc mh omal c strophoid: strofoeid structural: domik c. c. structural equation: domik ex swsh. structural optimization: domik beltistopo hsh. structural parameter: domik par metroc. structure: dom , kataskeu . a ne structure: susqetism nh dom . algebraic structure: algebrik dom . linear structure: grammik dom . narrowly appropriate structure: sten kat llhlh dom . 330 an maloc. structured: domhm noc. structured algorithm: domhm noc alg rijmoc. student: foitht c, spoudast c. Student: Yeud numo tou Brettano Student distribution: katanom statistiko W. Gosset (1876-1937). Student t-katanom (t-distribution). study: mel th. domain of study: perioq mel thc. feasibility study: mel th skopim thtac. Sturm, (-). Sturm-Liouville operator: telest c Sturm-Liouville. Sturm-Liouville problem: pr blhma Sturm-Liouville. Sturm-Liouville system: s sthma Sturm-Liouville. sub-: upo. subadditive: upoprosjetik subadditive function: c. upoprosjetik sun rthsh. subadditivity: upoprosjetik subalgebra: upo lgebra. subcase: upoper ptwsh. subcategory: upokathgor a. subclass: upokl sh. subcritical: upokr simoc. thta. subcritical point: upokr simo shme o. subcritically: upokr sima. subdiagonal: upodiag nioc. subdi erential: upodiaforik c. subdi erential mapping: upodiaforik subdivide: upodiair . subdivision: upodia resh. subdomain: upoqwr o. subdomain collocation: taxijes a subelliptic: upoelleiptik c. subexponential: upoekjetik c. taxin mhsh upoqwr wn. subexponential function: upoekjetik subformula: upot poc. atomic subformula: atomik apeik nish. sun rthsh. c upot poc. 331 subfunctor: uposunartht c. subgroup: upoom da. normal subgroup: kanonik upoom da. proper subgroup: gn sia upoom da. trivial subgroup: tetrimm nh upoom da. subharmonic: upoarmonik c, upoarmonik . subinterval: upodi sthma. subject: upoke meno. subjective: upokeimenik c. sublattice: upopl gma. sublinear: upogrammik c. submultiplicative: upopollaplasiastik c. submultiplicative property: submanifold: upopollapl upopollaplasiastik idi thta. thta. a ne submanifold: susqetism nh upopollapl thta. submartingale: upo-martingale. submatrix: upop nakac. submersion: kat dush, katab jish. submodel: upomont lo. elementary submodel: stoiqei dec upomont lo. submodule: upopr tupo. submonoid: upomonoeid c. subnormal: upokanonik c. subnormal group: upokanonik om da. subnormalit...
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