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Conjugate transpose matrix anastrofosuzug c p nakac

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Unformatted text preview: ewm.). 2. sq sh, s connection coe cients: suntelest c s ndeshc. a ne connection: susqetism noc s ndesmoc. axiom of connection: ax wma s ndeshc. torsion of connection: str yh sund smou. 59 ndesh. connective: s ndesmoc, sundetik c. logik c s ndesmoc. logical connnective: connectivity: sundetik conoid: kwnoeid c. right conoid: orj thta. kwnoeid c. consecutive: diadoqik c, allep llhloc, suneq c. consecutive angles: diadoqik c gwn ec. consecutive intervals: diadoqik diast consecutive sides: diadoqik c pleur c. consequence: ap mata. rroia, sun peia, sump rasma. logik sump rasma. logical consequence: consequent: 1. diair thc. 2. sump rasma (Maj. Log.). conservation: diat rhsh. angular momentum conservation: diat rhsh thc stroform conservation law: n moc diat rhshc. energy conservation: diat rhsh thc en rgeiac. mass conservation: diat rhsh thc m zac. momentum conservation: diat rhsh thc orm c. conservative: sunthrhtik c. c, diathrhtik c. conservative eld: sunthrhtik ped o. conservative force eld: sunthrhtik ped o dun conservative system: sunthrhtik s sthma. mewn. conserved: diathrhm noc. conserved quantities: diathrhm nec pos thtec, diathrhm na meg jh. consistence: sumbibast consistence coe cient: thta, sun peia. suntelest c sun peiac. consistency: sumbibast thta, sumbat thta (sun. consistency error: sf lma sumbibast thtac. mean square consistency: m sh tetragwnik sun consistent: sumbibast compatibility), sun peia. peia. c, sumbat c, sunep c. Sq lio Sofokl Merkour kh. consistent method: sumbibast m jodoc. consistent strings: sumbat c sumboloseir c. consistent system: sumbibast s sthma. consistent test: sunep c legqoc. consistent test function: sunep c elegqosun rthsh sun rthsh el gqou. consistent with respect to solvability: sunep c wc proc thn apodeixim thta. mean square consistent: sunep c wc proc ton tetragwnik m so. strongly consistent: isqur sunep c. 60 strongly consistent estimator: isqur sunep c ektim tria. consonance: sumfwn a. constancy: to stajer , stajer thta. constant: stajer c, stajer , stajer . constant of aberration: stajer apoplan sewc. constant coe cients: stajero suntelest c. constant function: stajer sun rthsh. constant functional: stajer sunarthsiak . constant mapping: stajer apeik nish. constant matrix: stajer c p nakac. absolute constant: ap luth stajer . arbitrary constant: auja reth stajer , tuqo sa stajer . critical constant: kr simh stajer . dielectric constant: dihlektrik stajer . gravitational constant: (pagk smia) stajer thc bar thtac. integration constant: stajer oloklhr sewc. piecewise constant: kat tm mata stajer c. separation constant: stajer qwrismo . universal constant: pagk smia stajer . constellation: asterism c. constitutive: katastatik c, ulik c. constitutive equation: katastatik ex swsh, ulik ex swsh. constitutive relation: katastatik sq sh, ulik sq sh. constrained: desmeum noc, up sunj kec, periorism noc, exanagkasm noc. constrained minimization problem: desmeum no pr blhma elaqistopo hshc. constrained motion: exanagkasm nh...
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