Constant function stajer sun rthsh constant

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Unformatted text preview: k nhsh. constrained oscillation: exanagkasm nh tal ntwsh. constrained problem: desmeum no pr blhma, pr blhma up sunj kec. constraint: desm c, periorism c, desmeutik sunj kh, d smeush. c. holonomic constraint: ol nomoc desm c periorism unilateral constraint: mon pleuroc periorism c. construct: kataskeu zw, oikodom . constructible: 1. kataskeu simoc. 2. kataskeu simoc me kan na kai diab th. constructible number: kataskeu simoc arijm c. constructible polygon: kataskeu simo pol gwno. constructible set: kataskeu simo epagwgik or simo s construction: kataskeu . construction with straight-edge and compass: kataskeu geometric construction: gewmetrik kataskeu . 61 nolo. me kan na kai diab th. constructive: jetik c, kataskeuastik c, epoikodomhtik c. jetik sumbol (optik ). constructive interference: contact: epaf . contact force: d namh epaf c epifaneiak contact manifold: pollapl thta epaf c. contact problem: pr blhma epaf c. content: perieq d namh (surface force). meno. perieq meno Jordan. Jordan's content: context: sumfraz mena. context-free grammar: grammatik qwr c sumfraz mena. context-free language: gl ssa qwr c sumfraz mena. context-sensitive grammar: grammatik eua sjhth sta sumfraz mena. context-sensitive language: gl ssa eua sjhth sta sumfraz mena. ambiguous context-free grammar: diforo menh grammatik qwr c sumfraz contingency: sun feia, taxin mhsh. contingency tables: p nakec sun feiac. coe cient of contingency: suntelest c sun feiac. folded contingency table: summetrik c p nakac sun partial contingency: merik sun feia. continua: bl. continuum. continuation: sun qish. analytic continuation: analutik continued: suneqiz feias. sun qish. menoc, suneq c. c kl sma. continued fraction: suneq continuity: sun qeia. continuity equation: ex swsh sun qeiac. continuity order: t xh sun qeiac. absolute continuity: ap luth sun qeia. Holder continuity: sun qeia kat Holder. left-hand continuity: sun qeia ap arister . Lipschitz continuity: sun qeia kat Lipschitz. right-hand continuity: sun qeia ap dexi . uniform continuity: omoi morfh sun qeia. continuous: suneq c. continuous dependence: suneq c ex rthsh. continuous extension: suneq c ep ktash. continuous function: suneq c sun rthsh. continuous operator: suneq c telest c. continuous spectrum: suneq c f sma. absolutely continuous: apol twc suneq c. absolutely continuous distribution: apol twc suneq 62 c katanom . mena. Holder continuous: suneq c kat Holder. Lipschitz continuous: suneq c kat Lipschitz. piecewise continuous: tmhmatik kat tm mata suneq c. piecewise continuous function: tmhmatik suneq c sun rthsh. uniformly continuous function: omoi morfa suneq c sun rthsh. continuously: suneq c. continuously di erentiable: suneq c diafor simoc parag gisimoc. continuum (pl. continua): suneq c. continuum hypothesis: up jesh tou suneqo c m sou. continuum mechanics: mhqanik tou suneqo c m sou. cardinality of continuum: plhjik thta tou suneqo c. contour: per gramma, kleist kamp lh, iso y c (kamp lh), br qoc. contour integral: olokl rwma se...
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