Convex functional kurt sunarthsiak linear functional

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Unformatted text preview: mma distribution: katanom g mma. gamma function: sun rthsh g mma. gamma rays: akt nec g mma. incomplete gamma function: atel c sun gap: q rthsh g mma. sma, noigma. legqoc q smatoc. gap test: gas: a rio. gas dynamics: dunamik aer wn. gas phase: a ria f sh. ideal gas: idanik a rio. gauge: bajm da. potential gauge: bajm da dunamiko . Gauss, Carl Friedrich (1777-1855) Gauss-Bonnet formula: t poc twn Gauss-Bonnet. Gauss di erential equation: diaforik ex swsh tou Gauss. Gauss elimination: apaloif (kat ) Gauss. Gauss formula: t poc tou Gauss. Gauss integration: olokl rwsh (kat ) Gauss. Gauss-Jordan reduction: anagwg apaloif (elimination) Gauss-Jordan. Gauss-Laguerre quadrature: arijmhtik olokl rwsh Gauss-Laguerre. Gauss-Legendre quadrature: arijmhtik olokl rwsh Gauss-Legendre. Gauss-Ostrogradsky theorem: je rhma twn Gauss-Ostrogradsky, je rhma tou Gauss, je klishc (divergence theorem). Gauss plane: ep pedo tou Gauss. Gauss points: shme a Gauss. Gauss quadrature: arijmhtik olokl rwsh Gauss. Gauss-Seidel method: m jodoc twn Gauss-Seidel. Gauss theorem: je rhma tou Gauss je rhma thc ap klishc (divergence theorem). 137 rhma ap - Gauss weights: suntelest c b rouc Gauss, b rh Gauss. Gaussian: tou Gauss. Gaussian curvature: kampul thta tou Gauss. Gaussian distribution: katanom tou Gauss kanonik Gaussian function: sun rthsh tou Gauss. Gaussian integers: ak raioi tou Gauss. Gaussian lens formula: ex swsh fak n tou Gauss. Gaussian plane: ep pedo tou Gauss. general: genik katanom . c. general associative law: genik prosetairistik idi thta. general commutative law: genik antimetajetik idi thta. general distributive law: genik epimeristik idi thta. general linear group: genik grammik om da. general solution: genik l sh. general term: genik c roc. general topology: genik topolog a. generality: genik thta. without loss of generality (wlog): qwr c ap leia ( bl bh) thc genik thtac. generalization: gen keush, ep ktash. generalize: genike w. generalized: genikeum noc. generalized coordinates: genikeum nec suntetagm nec. generalized Fourier coe cients: genikeum noi suntelest c Fourier. generalized function: genikeum nh sun rthsh. generalized method: genikeum nh m jodoc. generalized Newtonian uid: genikeum no neut neio reust . generate: par gw, genn . generated: parag menoc. separably generated: diaqwr sima parag menoc. weakly-compactly generated (wcg): asjen c-sumpag generating: par c parag menoc (gia s nola). gwn (par gousa), genn torac (genn tria). generating function: genn tria sun rthsh. bilateral generating function: d pleurh genn tria sun rthsh. moment generating function: ropogenn tria sun rthsh. probability generating function: pijanogenn tria sun rthsh. generation: paragwg , g nnhsh, gene . grid generation: paragwg pl gmatoc. mesh generation: paragwg pl gmatoc. generator: genn torac, genn tria, paragwg c. paragwg c gl ssac. language generator: 138 mesh generator: generic: genik pr gramma paragwg c pl gmatoc, paragwg c pl gmatoc. c, genetik c. generic extension: genetik ep ktash (logik ). gener...
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