Convex optimization kurt beltistopo hsh convex

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Unformatted text preview: m nh. cylindrical coordinates: kulindrik c suntetagm nec. ellipsoidal coordinates: elleiyoeide c suntetagm nec. elliptic cylindrical coordinates: elleiptik c kulindrik c suntetagm nec. equatorial coordinate: ishmerin suntetagm nh. generalized coordinates: genikeum nec suntetagm nec. geodesic coordinates: gewdaisiak c suntetagm nec. geodesic polar coordinates: gewdaisiak c polik c suntetagm nec. helical coordinates: elikoeide c suntetagm nec. hyperbolic coordinates: uperbolik c suntetagm nec. momentum coordinates: suntetagm nec orm c. moving coordinate system: kino meno s sthma suntetagm nwn. 66 normal coordinates: kanonik c suntetagm nec. oblate spheroidal coordinates: peplatusm nec geweide c sfairoeide c suntetagm nec. oblique coordinates: pl giec suntetagm nec. orthogonal coordinates: orjog niec suntetagm nec. orthogonal curvilinear coordinates: orjog niec kampul grammec suntetagm nec. parabolic cylindrical coordinates: parabolik c kulindrik c suntetagm nec. paraboloidal coordinates: paraboloeide c suntetagm nec. polar coordinates: polik c suntetagm nec. projective coordinates: probolik c suntetagm nec. prolate spheroidal coordinates: woeide c sfairoeide c suntetagm nec. rectangular coordinates: kartesian c orjog niec suntetagm nec (sun. Cartesian coordinates). rectangular coordinate system: kartesian orjog nio s sthma suntetagm nwn (sun. Cartesian coordinate system). Riemann normal coordinates: kanonik c suntetagm nec tou Riemann. right-handed coordinate system: dexi strofo s sthma suntetagm nwn. rotating coordinate system: peristref meno s sthma suntetagm nwn. spherical coordinates: sfairik c suntetagm nec. spheroidal coordinates: sfairoeide c suntetagm nec. toroidal coordinates: toroeide c suntetagm nec. copier: antigraf ac. coplanar: sunep pedoc. coplanar points: sunep peda shme a. coplanar vectors: sunep peda dian smata. coprime: pr toi proc all louc ( metax touc). ta proc llhla polu numa. coprime polynomials: pr co-processor: sunepexergast copy: antigr fw, ant grafo. copying: antigraf . copying machine: mhqan c. antigraf c. corecursive: sunanadromik Coriolis, (1792-1894). c. Coriolis acceleration: epit qunsh Coriolis. Coriolis force: d namh Coriolis. corner: gwni . corner singularity: gwniak anwmal a idiomorf a. corollary: p risma. correct: diorj nw, akrib c, orj c. correction: di rjwsh. corrector: diorjwt c, alg rijmoc di predictor-corrector method: m rjwshc. jodoc probl yewc-diorj sewc. 67 correlate: susqet zw. correlation: susq tish, susqetism c. correlation coe cient: suntelest c susq tishc. correlation dimension: di stash susq tishc. canonical correlation: kanonik susq tish. intraclass correlation: endosusq tish. linear correlation: grammik susq tish. linear correlation coe cient: suntelest c grammik negative correlation: arnhtik susq tish. non-linear correlation: mh grammik susq tish. partial correlation: merik susq tish. positive correlation: jetik susq tish. rank correlation: susq tish bajmo . serial correlation: seiriak susq tish. c susq tishc. correspondence: anti...
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