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Copying antigraf copying machine mhqan c antigraf c

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Unformatted text preview: stoiq a. correspondence problem: pr blhma antistoiq ac. correspondence system: s sthma antistoiq ac. isometric correspondence: isometrik antistoiq a. one-to-one correspondence: antistoiq a na proc na, amfimonos corresponding: ant stoiqoc, om logoc. corresponding angles: om logec gwn ec, epi ta aut corresponding lines: om logec gramm c. corresponding points: om loga shme a. manth amfimon timh antistoiq a. gwn ec. corrigendum (pl. corrigenda): di rjwsh. corrugation: kum twsh, k mansh (sun. undulation). corrugated: kumatoeid c (sun. undulated). cosecant: sunt mnousa. coset: s mploko. left coset: arister s mploko. right coset: dexi s mploko. cosh: uperbolik inverse cosh: sunhm tono. t xo uperboliko sunhmit nou. cosine: sunhm tono, sunhmitonik c, sunhmitonoeid c. cosine integral: sunhmitonik olokl rwma. cosine series: sunhmitonik seir seir sunhmit nwn. cosine transform: sunhmitonoeid c metasqhmatism nh (Fourier). direction cosines: sunhm tona kate junshc, kateuj nonta sunhm tona, sunhm tona die nonta sunhm tona. inverse cosine: t xo sunhmit nou. law of cosines: n moc twn sunhmit nwn. cosmic: kosmik c. 68 junshc, dieuj - cosmological: kosmologik c. cosmos: k smoc, s mpan. cost: k stoc. cotangent: sunefaptom nh. inverse cotangent: t xo sunefaptom nhc. coth: uperbolik inverse coth: sunefaptom nh. t xo uperbolik c sunefaptom nhc. count: arijm , aparijm , metr . countability: arijmhsim thta. countable: arijm simoc, aparijm simoc, metr simoc. countable additivity: arijm simh prosjetik thta. countable set: arijm simo metr simo s nolo. countable topology: arijm simh topolog a. countably: arijm sima, metr sima. countably compact: arijm sima sumpag c. countably in nite set: arijm sima metr sima counter: aparijmht peiro s nolo. c, metrht c, en ntioc, enant on. counter example: antipar deigma. counter model: aparijmhtik mont Geiger counter: metrht c Geiger. lo. counterclockwise: ant jeta me th for (peristrof c) twn deikt n tou rologio . counterclockwise direction: for kate junsh peristrof c ant jeth twn deikt n tou rologio counterclockwise sense: for kate junsh peristrof c ant jeth twn deikt n tou rologio . counting: apar jmhsh, ar jmhsh, m trhsh, aparijmhtik counting measure: aparijmhtik m tro. c. couple: ze goc. coupled: suzeugm noc. coupled equations: suzeugm nec exis seic. coupled oscillator: suzeugm noc talantwt c. coupled pendulum: suzeugm no ekkrem c. strongly coupled problems: isqur suzeugm na probl weakly coupled problems: asjen c suzeugm na probl coupling: s mata. mata. zeuxh, s ndesmoc. zeuxh. zeuxh. strong coupling: isqur s weak coupling: asjen c s covariance: sundiaspor sundiak mansh summetablht thta. 69 . covariant: sunallo wtoc. covariant derivation: sunallo wth parag gish. covariant derivative: sunallo wth par gwgoc. covariant functor: sunallo wtoc sunartht c. covariant index: sunallo wtoc de kthc. covariant tensor: sunallo wtoc tanust c. cover: kal ptw, k luyh, dian w. exact cover problem: pr blhma akribo open cover: anoikt k luyh. covering: k luyh. crack: rwgm c k luyhc. . cov...
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