Coupled pendulum suzeugm no ekkrem c cycloid pendulum

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Unformatted text preview: h f shc. phase velocity: taq thta f sewc. gas phase: a ria f sh. liquid phase: ugr f sh. single-phase: monofasik c. solid phase: stere f sh. stationary phase: st simh f sh. two-phase: difasik c. phasic: fasik c. phasor: migadik di nusma. 245 R phenomena: fain mena (bl. phenomenon). phenomenological: fainomenologik c. phenomenon (pl. phenomena): fain meno. transport phenomena: fain phi: . phi coe cient: mena metafor c. suntelest c . photon: fwt nio. physical: fusik c. physical interpretation: fusik ermhne a. physical law: fusik c n moc. physical quantity: fusik m gejoc. physics: fusik . mathematical physics: majhmatik fusik . pictogram: eikon gramma. pictorial: eikonografik c. pictorial projection: eikonografik picture: eik na. piece: tm ma, komm ti. piecewise: tmhmatik , kat stereografik probol . tm mata. piecewise constant: kat tm mata stajer c. piecewise continuous: tmhmatik kat tm mata suneq c. piecewise continuous function: tmhmatik suneq c sun rthsh. piecewise di erentiable: tmhmatik paragwg simoc. piecewise function: kat tm mata tmhmatik orism nh sun rthsh. piecewise linear function: kat tm mata tmhmatik grammik sun rthsh. piecewise polynomials: kat tm mata polu numa, tmhmatik polu numa, splines. piecewise regression: tmhmatik palindr mhsh. piecewise smooth: tmhmatik le oc. piecewise smooth function: tmhmatik le a sun rthsh. pie diagram: tome gramma. pigeon hole: perister nac. pigeon hole principle: arq pilot: pil tou perister na. toc, pilotik c, kajodhghtik c. kajodhghtik reuna, prokatarktik dhmosk phshs. pilot survey: pistimetric: pistometrik c. pistimetric probability: pistometrik pitch: b ma likoc pijan thta. koql a. 246 pivot: odhg c. pivot (element): odhg stoiqe o. pivot point: odhg shme o. pivotal: odhg c. pivotal column: odhgo pivoting: od sa st lh. ghsh. partial pivoting: merik od ghsh. pixel: yhf da, eikon dio. place: t poc, j sh, m roc, j tw, topojet decimal place: dekadik j sh. k-place predicate: kathg rhma k j placement: topoj thsh. plactic: plaktik c. plactic monoid: plaktik . sewn. monoeid c. planar: ep pedoc. planar point: ep pedo shme o. Planck's constant: stajer plane: ep pedo. tou Planck. plane analytic geometry: ep pedh analutik gewmetr a. plane angle: ep pedh gwn a. plane curve: ep pedh kamp lh. plane motion: ep pedh k nhsh. plane of projection: ep pedo probol c. plane of symmetry: ep pedo summetr ac. plane triangle: ep pedo tr gwno. plane wave: ep pedo k ma. a ne plane: susqetism no ep pedo. Cartesian plane: kartesian ep pedo. complex plane: migadik ep pedo. entire complex plane: sumplhrwm no epektetam no migadik ep pedo. extended complex plane: sumplhrwm no epektetam no migadik ep pedo. focal plane: estiak ep pedo. half plane: hmiep pedo. inclined plane: keklim no ep pedo. invariable plane: anallo wto ep pedo. isotropic plane: is tropo ep pedo. normal plane: k jeto ep pedo. osculating plane: egg tato ep pedo. perpendicular planes: k jeta ep peda. polar plane: polik ep pedo. radical plane: rizik ep pedo. rectifying plane: eujeiopoi ep pedo. 247 regression plane: ep pedo palindrom...
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