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Unformatted text preview: quation: ex swsh palindrom sewc. separable equation: diaqwr simh ex swsh. simultaneous equations: s sthma exis sewn. sti equation: d skampth ex swsh. structural equation: domik ex swsh. transcendental equation: uperbatik ex swsh. trigonometric equations: trigwnometrik c exis seic. wave equation: kumatik ex swsh, ex swsh k matoc. equator: ishmerin celestial equator: rou bajmo . c. our nioc ishmerin c. equatorial: ishmerin c. equatorial coordinate: ishmerin suntetagm nh. equi-: iso- (pr jema). equiangular: isog nioc. equiangular polygon: isog nio pol gwno. equiangular transformation: isog nioc metasqhmatism equiareal: isembadik c. equiareal map: isembadik c. apeik nish. equiaxed: isoaxonik equiaxed zone: c. isoaxonik z nh. equicontinuous: isosuneq c. equiconvergent: isosugkl nwn. equidissection: isodiam rish, isembadik equidistant: isap qwn, shc ap stashc. diam rish. equidistant points: isap qonta shme a. azimuthal equidistant projection: azimoujiak equilateral: is isap qousa probol . pleuroc. equilateral hyperbola: is pleurh uperbol . equilateral polygon: is pleuro pol gwno. equilateral triangle: is pleuro tr gwno. equilibrate: isorrop . equilibria: shme a isorrop ac, bl. equilibrium. 106 diaforik ex swsh me merik c equilibrium (pl. equilibria): isorrop a, shme o isorrop ac. equilibrium optimization: beltistopo hsh isorrop ac. equilibrium point: shme o isorrop ac. equilibrium state: kat stash isorrop ac. forced equilibrium: exanagkasm nh isorrop a. stable equilibrium: eustaj c isorrop a. static equilibrium: statik isorrop a. unstable equilibrium: astaj c isorrop a. equimultiple: isopollapl sioc. equinoctial: ishmerin c. equinox: ishmer a. equinumerable: is rijmoc. equinumerous: isoplhj c, is rijmoc. equinumerous sets: isoplhj s nola, isod nama s nola. equipartition: isokatanom equipartition principle: , isomerism c, isodiam rish. arq thc isodiam rishc. equipotent: isod namoc, isosjen equipotential: isodunamik c. c, isodunamik c. equipotential curve: isodunamik kamp lh. equipotential line: isodunamik gramm . equipotential surface: isodunamik epif neia. equiprojective: isoprobolik c. equispaced: omoi morfa katanemhm noc sto q equispaced grid: omoi morfo pl gma (sun. ro. uniform grid). equivalence: isodunam a. equivalence class: kl sh isodunam ac. equivalence relation: sq sh isodunam ac. a ne equivalence: susqetism nh isodunam a. natural equivalence: fusik isodunam a, fusik stable equivalence: eustaj c isodunam a. c isomorfism c. equivalency: isodunam a. equivalency class: equivalent: isod kl sh isodunam ac. namoc. equivalent clause sets: isod nama s nola sunjhk n. equivalent deviate: isod namh ap klish. equivalent nite automata: isod nama peperasm na aut equivalent formulas: isod namoi t poi. equivalent matrices: isod namoi p nakec. equivalent systems: isod nama sust mata. equivalent norm: isod namh n rma. 107 mata. a ne equivalent: susqetism noc isod namoc. column equivalent: sthlo sod namoc. column equivalent matrices: sthlo sod namoi p nakec. elementarily eq...
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