Dissimilarity anomoi thta dissipation skedasm c

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Unformatted text preview: ufh katanom . binomial distribution: diwnumik katanom . bivariate distribution: didi stath katanom katanom d o metablht n. categorical distribution: kathgorik katanom . Cauchy distribution: katanom tou Cauchy. central distribution: kentrik katanom . charge distribution: katanom fort ou. chi distribution: katanom . chi-square distribution: katanom 2 . conditional distribution: desmeum nh katanom katanom up sunj kh. cumulative distribution function: ajroistik sun rthsh katanom c. cumulative frequency distribution: ajroistik katanom suqnot twn. degenerate distribution: ekfulism nh katanom . Dirichlet distribution: katanom tou Dirichlet. double exponential distribution: dipl ekjetik katanom . extended hypergeometric distribution: dieurum nh upergewmetrik katanom . exponential distribution: ekjetik katanom . factorial series distribution: paragontik katanom . ducial distribution: pisteutik katanom . folded distribution: anadiplwm nh katanom . frequency distribution: katanom suqnot twn. gamma distribution: katanom g mma. Gaussian distribution: katanom tou Gauss kanonik (normal) katanom . geometric distribution: gewmetrik katanom . half Normal distribution: hmi-Kanonik katanom . hypergeometric distribution: upergewmetrik katanom . hyper-Poisson distribution: uper-Poisson katanom . inverse distribution: ant strofh katanom . inverted distribution: antestramm nh katanom . isotropic distribution: is troph katanom . joint distribution: ap koino katanom . joint distribution function: sun rthsh ap koino katanom c. J-shaped distribution: katanom morf c J. leptokurtic distribution: lept kurth katanom , katanom leptok rtwshc. mesokurtic distribution: mes kurth katanom , katanom mesok rtwshc. multimodal distribution: poluk rufh katanom . multinomial distribution: poluwnumik katanom . multivariate distribution: polumetablht katanom . 91 . . non-central distribution: mh kentrik katanom . non-singular distribution: mh idi zousa katanom . normal distribution: kanonik katanom . percentage distribution: ekatostia a katanom . platykurtic distribution: plat kurth katanom , katanom platuk rtwshc. Poisson distribution: katanom (tou) Poisson probability distribution: katanom pijan thtac. proper distribution: gn sia katanom . quadri-Normal distribution: tetra-Kanonik katanom . random distribution: tuqa a katanom . rectangular distribution: orjog nia katanom . response time distribution: katanom qr nou ap krishc. sampling distribution: deigmatolhptik katanom . secant distribution: katanom t mnousac. singular distribution: idi zousa katanom . skew distribution: as mmetrh katanom . stationary distribution: st simh katanom . Student distribution: katanom Student t-katanom (t-distribution). sub-Poisson distribution: upo-Poisson katanom . super-Poisson distribution: uper-Poisson katanom . t-distribution: t-katanom katanom Student (Student distribution). tolerance distribution: katanom anoq c. trimodal distribution: trik rufh katanom . trinomial distribution: triwnumik katanom . twinned distributi...
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