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Electric eld hlektrik ped o electric permittivity

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Unformatted text preview: qe o. maximal element: m gisto stoiqe o. minimal element: el qisto elaqistotik stoiqe o. mixed element: mikt stoiqe o. mixed nite elements: mikt peperasm na stoiqe a. opposite elements: ant jeta stoiqe a. pivot (element): odhg stoiqe o. positive element: jetik stoiqe o. quadratic element: tetragwnik stoiqe o. quadrilateral element: tetr pleuro stoiqe o. reference element: stoiqe o anafor c, basik pr tupo stoiqe o. restricted ( nite) element: periorism no (peperasm no) stoiqe o. serendipity ( nite) element: periorism no (peperasm no) stoiqe o. singular ( nite) element: idi zon (peperasm no) stoiqe o. spectral element: fasmatik stoiqe o. spectral element method: m jodoc twn fasmatik n stoiqe wn. standard element: tupik tupopoihm no stoiqe o. strain elements: (peperasm na) stoiqe a param rfwshc. surface element: stoiqei dhc epif neia. 100 c. triangular element: trigwnik stoiqe o. unconjugated nite element method: m jodoc aposunezeugm nwn peperasm nwn stoiqe wn. unit element: monadia o stoiqe o. volume element: stoiqei dhc gkoc. elementarily: stoiqeiwd c, basik c. c isod namoi. elementarily equivalent: stoiqeiwd elementary: stoiqei dhc, basik c. elementary column operation: stoiqei dhc metasqhmatism c sthl n. elementary embedding: stoiqei dhc emf teush. elementary event: stoiqei dec gegon c endeq meno. elementary framing: stoiqei dhc plais wsh. elementary functions: stoiqei deic basik c sunart seic. elementary matrix: stoiqei dhc p nakac. elementary operation: stoiqei dhc pr xh metasqhmatism c (transformation). elementary re ector: stoiqei dhc anaklast c metasqhmatism c tou Householder (Householder transformation). elementary row operation: stoiqei dhc metasqhmatism c gramm n. elementary submodel: stoiqei dec upomont lo. elementary transformation: stoiqei dhc pr xh (operation) metasqhmatism c. elevate: anuy elevation: uy nw. metro, an ywsh. side elevation: pl gia yh, pl gia tom . sectional elevation: k jeth yh, k jeth tom eliminate: apale fw. elimination: apaloif , ex leiyh. (kat ) Gauss elimination: apaloif ellipse: . Gauss. lleiyh. confocal ellipses: omo stiec elle yeic. geodesic ellipse: gewdaisiak lleiyh. ellipsoid: elleiyoeid c. ellipsoid of inertia: elleiyoeid c adr neiac. ellipsoidal: elleiyoeid c. elleiyoeide c suntetagm nec. ellipsoidal coordinates: elliptic: elleiptik c. elliptic cylinder: elleiptik c k lindroc. elliptic cylindrical coordinates: elleiptik elliptic equation: elleiptik ex swsh. elliptic function: elleiptik sun rthsh. elliptic geometry: elleiptik gewmetr a. c kulindrik c suntetagm nec. 101 elliptic integral: elleiptik olokl rwma. elliptic paraboloid: elleiptik paraboloeid c. elliptic problem: elleiptik pr blhma. elliptic system: elleiptik s sthma. inverse elliptic function: ant strofh elleiptik sun rthsh. Jacobian elliptic functions: elleiptik c sunart seic tou Jacobi. modulus of elliptic function: m tro elleiptik c sunart sewc. strongly elliptic: isqur elleiptik c. elliptical: elleiptik c. elliptical light: elleiptik ellipticity: e...
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