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Energy en rgeia matoc c energy balance isoz gio en

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Unformatted text preview: kh is equalize: exis nw. equalizer: exiswt c, pur equally: ex sou, sa. thta. nac diafor n (di equally spaced: isap qontec. equally spaced arguments: isap erence kernel). qonta or smata. equate: exis nw. equation: ex swsh. equations of motion: exis seic k nhshc. equation of state: katastatik ex swsh, ex swsh kat acoustics equation: ex swsh thc akoustik c. adjoint equation: suzug c ex swsh. 104 stashc. tou epimorphism (epimorfism c). algebraic equation: algebrik ex swsh. autonomous equations: aut nomec exis seic. biharmonic (di erential) equation: diarmonik (diaforik ) ex swsh. binary equation: duadik ex swsh. binomial equation: diwnumik ex swsh. biquadratic equation: ditetragwnik ex swsh. canonical equations: kanonik c exis seic. characteristic equation: qarakthristik ex swsh. complementary di erential equation: ant stoiqh omogen c diaforik ex swsh. constitutive equation: katastatik ex swsh, ulik ex swsh. continuity equation: ex swsh sun qeiac. coupled equations: suzeugm nec exis seic. cubic equation: tritob jmia ex swsh. decoupled equations: aposuzeugm nec as zeuktec exis seic. delay di erential equation: usterodiaforik ex swsh. di erence equation: diaforoex swsh, ex swsh diafor n. di erential equation: diaforik ex swsh. discretization equations: exis seic diakritopo hshc. discretized equation: diakritopoihm nh ex swsh. elliptic equation: elleiptik ex swsh. empirical equation: empeirik ex swsh. evolution equations: exeliktik c exis seic. exact di erential equation: t leia pl rhc diaforik ex swsh. exponential equation: ekjetik ex swsh. governing equations: di pousec isq ousec exis seic. heat equation: ex swsh jerm thtac. homogeneous equation: omogen c ex swsh. homogeneous di erential equation: omogen c diaforik ex swsh. hyperbolic equation: uperbolik ex swsh. hypergeometric equation: upergewmetrik ex swsh. hypergeometric di erential equation: upergewmetrik diaforik ex swsh. independent equations: anex rthtec exis seic. indicial equation: qarakthristik ex swsh. inhomogeneous equation: mh omogen c ex swsh. integral equation: oloklhrwtik ex swsh. integrodi erential equation: oloklhrwtikodiaforik ex swsh. Laplace equation: ex swsh Laplace. linear di erential equation: grammik diaforik ex swsh. linear equation: grammik ex swsh. linearized equation: grammikopoihm nh ex swsh. log-likelihood equation: ex swsh logarijmo-pijanof neiac. momentum equation: ex swsh (diat rhshc thc) orm c. natural equations: fusik c exis seic. non-homogeneous equation: mh omogen c ex swsh. non-linear equation: mh grammik ex swsh. normal equations: kanonik c exis seic. ordinary di erential equation (ODE): sun jhc diaforik ex swsh (SDE). parabolic equation: parabolik ex swsh. parametric equation: parametrik ex swsh. 105 partial di erential equation (PDE): merik parag gouc. diaforik ex swsh (MDE) Poisson equation: ex swsh (tou) Poisson polar equation: polik ex swsh. polynomial equation: poluwnumik ex swsh. potential equation: ex swsh dunamiko . quadratic equation: deuterob jmia ex swsh ex swsh deut regression e...
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