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Unformatted text preview: istik s sthma. eigenvalue: idiotim . Qrhsimopoio ntai ep shc oi roi characteristic value (qarakthristik proper value kai latent value. eigenvalue problem: pr blhma idiotim n. algebraic eigenvalue problem: algebrik pr blhma idiotim n. discrete eigenvalues: diakekrim nec idiotim c. distinct eigenvalues: diakekrim nec idiotim c. inverse eigenvalue problem: ant strofo pr blhma idiotim n. 98 tim ), eigenvector: di nusma), idiodi nusma. Qrhsimopoio ntai ep shc oi proper vector kai latent vector. eject: apob llw. elapse: par rqomai, pern elastic: elastik c. (gia qr no). elastic body: elastik s ma. elastic collision: elastik kro sh. elastic constant: elastik stajer . elastic deformation: elastik param elastic string: elastik qord . elasticity: elastik rfwsh. thta. nite elasticity: peperasm nh elastik thta. modulus of elasticity: m tro elastik thtac. elastodynamics: elastodunamik . elastoplastic: elastoplastik c. elastoplasticity: elastoplastik thta. elastostatics: elastostatik . elastostatic: elastostatik c. elastostatic problem: elastostatik election: eklog . electoral: eklogik c. electric: hlektrik pr blhma. c. electoral system: eklogik s sthma. electric charge: hlektrik fort o. electric eld: hlektrik ped o. electric permittivity: hlektrik diaperat electric potential: hlektrik dunamik . thta. electrical: hlektrik electrical circuit: c. hlektrik k klwma. electricity: hlektrism static electricity: c. statik c hlektrism c. electromagnetic: hlektromagnhtik c. electromagnetic eld: hlektromagnhtik ped o. electromagnetic theory: hlektromagnhtik jewr a. electromagnetic wave: hlektromagnhtik k ma. electron: hlektr nio. electronic: hlektronik c. electronic commerce: hlektronik emp rio. 99 roi characteristic vector (qarakthristik electronic mail (E-mail): hlektronik electrostatic: hlektrostatik c. electrostatic potential: hlektrostatik electrostatics: hlektrostatik element: stoiqe o. taqudrome o. dunamik . . element contribution: suneisfor stoiqe ou. element-free method: m jodoc qwr c (peperasm na) stoiqe a. adjacent elements: mora stoiqe a. bicubic element: dikubik stoiqe o. bilinear element: digrammik stoiqe o. biquadratic element: ditetragwnik stoiqe o. boundary element: sunoriak stoiqe o. boundary element method (BEM): m jodoc sunoriak n stoiqe wn. conforming nite elements: summorfik peperasm na stoiqe a. cubic element: kubik stoiqe o. discontinuous nite elements: asuneq peperasm na stoiqe a. dual reciprocity boundary elements: sunoriak stoiqe a du k c antistrof in nite elements: peira (peperasm na) stoiqe a. nite element: peperasm no stoiqe o. nite element method (FEM): m jodoc peperasm nwn stoiqe wn. higher-order elements: stoiqe a an terou bajmo . hybrid element: ubridik stoiqe o. hybrid nite element method: ubridik m jodoc peperasm nwn stoiqe wn. (i,j) element: (i,j) stoiqe o. in nite element: peiro stoiqe o. leading element: hgetik stoiqe o. line element: stoiqei dec m koc. linear element: grammik stoiqe o. master element: stoiqe o anafor c, basik pr tupo stoi...
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