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Evolutionary tree exeliktik d ntro parse tree

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Unformatted text preview: cation: two-way in nite tape: type: t poc, e doc. type bias: merolhy a t pou. type-I error: sf lma t pou I. type-II error: sf lma t pou II. typical: tupik c. typo: tupografik l joc. typography: tupograf a. digital typography: yhfiak tupograf a. U ulterior: metagen steroc, ap teroc. ultimate: telik c, sqatoc, teleuta oc, jemeli ultimate cluster: telik sust da. ultimately: telik ultimately dense: dhc. , jemeliwd c. telik puk'noc. ultra-: uper-. ultra lter: uperf ltro. ultrapower: uperd namh. ultraproduct: upergin meno. ultrathin: up rleptoc. ultrathin lm: up rlepto um nio. ultraspherical: upersfairik c. ultraspherical coe cient: upersfairik c suntelest c. ultraspherical polynomial: upersfairik polu numo. ultraviolet: uperi dhc. umbilic: omfalik shme o (sun. umbilical point). umbilical: omfalik c. umbilical point: omfalik shme o. 362 umbra: ski (plan th). unambiguous: mh diforo menoc. unambiguous context-free grammar: diforo menh grammatik qwr c sumfraz mena. unary: monomel c, monadia oc (sun. monadic kai singulary). unary notation: monadia oc sumbolism c. unary operation: monomel c pr xh. unary relation: monomel c monadia a sq sh, kathg rhma miac j one-place predicate). unbiased: amer shc (sun. monadic relation lhptoc. unbiased estimate: amer lhpth ekt mhsh. unbiased estimator: amer lhpth ektim tria. absolutely unbiased: apol twc amer lhptoc. absolutely unbiased estimator: apol twc amer lhpth ektim tria. unbiasedness: amerolhy a. unbounded: mh fragm noc. unbounded domain: mh fragm no qwr o. unbounded function: mh fragm nh sun rthsh. unbounded interval: mh fragm no di sthma. unbounded set: mh fragm no s nolo. unbranched: apodiakladwm noc. unbranched covering: uncertainty: abebai apodiakladwm nh k luyh. thta. sthma abebai thtac. uncertainty interval: di uncomputability: mh upologisim thta. uncomputable: mh upolog simoc. unconditional: ad smeutoc, qwr c sunj kec rouc. unconditional basic sequence: ad smeuth basik akolouj a. unconditional basis: ad smeuth b sh. unconditional convergence: ad smeuth s gklish. unconditional stability: ad smeuth eust jeia. unconditionally: ad smeuta, qwr c sunj unconditionally stable: kec ad smeuta eustaj c. unconjugated: aposunezeugm noc. unconjugated nite element method: m uncorrelated: asusq tistoc. uncorrelated random variables: asusq rouc. jodoc aposunezeugm nwn peperasm nwn stoiqe wn. tistec orjog niec tuqa ec metablht c. 363 kai uncountable: mh arijm uncountable set: simoc, mh metr simoc. mh arijm simo mh metr simo s nolo. uncountably: mh arijm sima, mh metr undamped: qwr c ap sbesh. undamped motion: k nhsh qwr c ap sima. sbesh. undecidability: mh anadromik thta (logik ). undecidable: mh apofas simoc, mh algorijmik c undecidable language: mh apofas simh gl ssa. Turing-undecidable language: mh apofas simh gl underdamped: arg mh apant simoc (logik ). ssa kat Turing, Turing mh apofas simh gl aposbhn menoc, me asjen ap sbesh. ap sbesh. underdamped motion: k nhsh me asjen underdamping: upoap sbesh. underdetermined: upokajorism noc...
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