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Unformatted text preview: namen menoc, prosdok menoc, prosdokht c, jewrhtik c. jewrhtik suqn thta. sh tim majhmatik elp da. expected frequency: anamen menh prosdok menh prosdokht expected value: anamen menh prosdok menh prosdokht c m experiment: pe rama. random experiment: pe rama t qhc. experimental: peiramatik c. expert: mpeiroc, empeirogn monac. expert systems: mpeira sust mata. 113 explained: epexhghm noc. explained variation: palindromik explementary: paraplhrwmatik paragontik metabol . c. explementary angle: paraplhrwmatik explicit: se lum nh morf gwn a. , analut c, mesoc, rht c. explicit approach: analut mesh m jodoc. explicit method: analut mesh m jodoc. explicit function: lelum nh sun rthsh sun rthsh se lelum nh morf explicit algebraic function: lelum nh algebrik sun rthsh. explicit scheme: analut mesh m jodoc. explicit transformation: analut c mesoc metasqhmatism c. explicitly: se lelum nh morf , mesa. explicitness: to lelum no, to meso. explode: ekrhgn w, ekrhgn omai. explore: exereun . explosion: krhxh. explosive: ekrhktik c. exponent: ekj thc. critical exponent: kr simoc ekj thc. Liapunov exponent: ekj thc Liapunov. negative exponent: arnhtik c ekj thc. exponential: ekjetik c. exponential convergence: ekjetik s gklish. exponential curve: ekjetik kamp lh. exponential distribution: ekjetik katanom . exponential equation: ekjetik ex swsh. exponential function: ekjetik sun rthsh. exponential functor: ekjetik c sunartht c. exponential growth: ekjetik a xhsh. exponential integral: ekjetik olokl rwma. exponential series: ekjetik seir . exponentially: ekjetik . exponentially convergent: expose: ekj tw. exposure: kjesh. express: ekfr zw. expression: par stash, sugkl nwn ekjetik . kfrash. algebraic expression: algebrik par stash. arithmetic expression: arijmhtik par stash. canonical expression: kanonik par stash. 114 . numerical expression: arijmhtik par stash. regular expression: kanonik kfrash (plhroforik ). exradius (pl. exradii): akt na paragegramm nou k klou. extend: epekte nw, ekte nw, dieur nw. extendability: epektasim thta. extendable: epekt simoc. extended: epektetam noc, dieurum noc, ektetam noc. extended complex plane: sumplhrwm no epektetam no migadik ep pedo. extended decision rule: dieurum noc kan nac ap fashc. extended design: dieurum noc sqediasm c. extended group divisible design: dieurum noc diairet c kat om dec sqediasm extended hypergeometric distribution: dieurum nh upergewmetrik katanom . extended matrix: epektetam noc p nakac. extensible: ektat c. extension: ep ktash (Topol.). algebraic extension: algebrik ep ktash. analytic extension: analutik ep ktash. continuous extension: suneq c ep ktash. cyclic extension: kuklik ep ktash. cyclotomic extension: kuklotomik ep ktash. even extension: rtia ep ktash. nite extension: peperasm nh ep ktash. generic extension: genetik ep ktash (logik ). in nite extension: peirh ep ktash. normal extension: kanonik ep ktash. odd extension: peritt ep ktash. proper extension: gn sia ep ktash. radical extension: rizik ep ktash. simple ex...
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